Search and rescue cost insurance (search and rescue cost collateral special provision)

Compensation for search and rescue costs incurred by a person on board an insured vessel due to a distress.

Major accident examples

・ The passenger of the ship was in distress and was searched.
・ The hull ran aground and the passengers were rescued.

Main cases where insurance money cannot be paid

1. Damage caused by an earthquake, eruption or tsunami caused by these
2. Damage caused by an accident while leaving the water area within 200 km from the land in Japan and the inland area
3. Damage to the insured due to intentional or gross negligence.
4. Damage to the operator himself when he is operating in a state where he may be drunk and unable to operate normally.
5. Damage to the insured due to struggle, suicide or criminal activity
6. Damage caused by war, civil war, riots, nuclear fuel material, etc.

Created in February 2023 2TC-22


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