Riviera Life Support offers a variety of insurance products.
We propose insurance that protects you from all risks.

Customers who run a company

After carefully hearing the needs of the business owners, we will propose insurance products that meet your needs and products that can be comprehensively compensated.

Corporate Customers

Corporate property insurance

We compensate for various risks surrounding the property and profits of a company.

Liability insurance

We will compensate for the risk of damages incurred during business activities.

Construction insurance

We will compensate for damage caused by accidents such as fire, flood, theft, etc. that are covered by insurance such as construction objects and temporary construction objects.

Work injury insurance

Regarding occupational accidents, "Government Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance"
We will cover additional benefits and liability for damages.

Individual Customers

Car insurance

We provide peace of mind to people and cars every day.In the unlikely event of an accident or breakdown, "3 basic compensation" and "3 basic special contracts" will cover you well.

Housing insurance
(Fire insurance / earthquake insurance)

We protect your precious home not only from disasters such as fires, winds and floods, but also from daily disasters such as theft and accidental damage.

Body insurance (accident insurance)

We offer products that cover not only the individual but also the family, and products that only cover traffic accidents.

Golfer insurance

We will cover your own injuries during golf, liability for third parties, theft or damage of golf equipment, and hole-in-one Albatross costs.

Travel insurance

We will compensate for various dangers such as injury due to an accident while traveling and theft or damage of baggage.

For marina / marine leisure facility management companies

Facility liability insurance

We will compensate for liability for personal and objective accidents caused by the management of the marina and the performance of work.

Comprehensive corporate insurance (compensation for leave)

We will compensate for indirect damages such as loss of profits due to leave of absence due to various accidents such as fire.

This homepage provides an overview of each insurance, and the description without a specific insurance company or product name is an explanation of general insurance products.Since the products handled, the name of each insurance and the content of compensation differ depending on the underwriting insurance company, be sure to read the "Important Matters Manual" and the pamphlet (leaflet) of each insurance when making a contract (subscribing in the case of a group contract). please read.If you have any questions, please contact the distributor.

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