Riviera Life Design Club

Riviera Life Design Club
Riviera Life Design Club
Riviera Life Design Club
Riviera Life Design Club

How can you live your second or third life?
I want to live a richer life from the age of 50
To everyone who is looking for true luxury

A place to think about future life design together and a place to connect people
The Riviera wants to snuggle up at the milestones of life

"Riviera Life Design Club" begins

Riviera's new coronavirus
Infectious disease prevention measures

Why not discover life work and hobbies through the workshop experience?
We will propose culture, social contribution/volunteer, time spent at the sea, etc.

We hold seminars in various fields by experts. In addition to asset management and management, care house/nursing consultation, housing and environmental seminars,
Meals and medical knowledge that lead to ME-BYO (unillness).

Would you like to interact with a new perspective by participating in the event? Music, tie-up events with famous brands,
Discover new things with content unique to the Riviera, such as singles.

Rethink your lifestyle and make your future life more fruitful by dying.
The ending planner will support you personally and propose a plan that suits you.
We also provide guidance on marine funerals for those who do not have graves or graves.

I think that it is the best see off even for those who do not have a grave due to the will of the deceased, such as "I want to return to the sea or nature I loved".
The deceased who left the port with relatives and friends departed from the sea of ​​Shonan, took the Kuroshio, traveled to Hawaii, the Americas, and the world seas such as Africa,
I will return to the Shonan sea again. You can always feel the deceased who became the atmosphere.



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Riviera Life Design Club



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