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Yacht / motorboat comprehensive insurance protects owners of small vessels such as yachts, motorboats, and personal watercraft from various risks.We will cover damages caused to the hull, liability for damages caused by injuring others or damaging other people's property, injury accidents during boarding, search and rescue costs in case of distress, etc.

Benefits of joining Yacht / Motorboat Comprehensive Insurance


Experience-based peace of mind

Because it is a Riviera that is familiar with marina life, we can propose safe and fulfilling insurance contents.


Compensation content is substantial

The yacht / motorboat comprehensive insurance proposed by the Riviera covers the cost of removing the wreck (* 1), which is not normally covered, and the insurance amount is not the market value (* 2) but the amount agreed with the Riviera as the agreed insurance value. Can be set.

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Various special contracts and discounts are available

We have a special contract exclusively for the Riviera.Please contact Riviera Life Support or your underwriting insurance company for the types of special contracts that can be attached and the discounts that can be applied.

* 1 Cost of removing the target ship after receiving a recommendation or order from the public office when the ship is totally damaged.
* 2 Amount equivalent to the market selling price of vessels of the same type, model year, etc. and with the same degree of wear as the target vessel

Information on basic compensation

As basic compensation, you must take out either hull insurance (hull clause) or liability insurance (liability clause) or both.
* However, you cannot purchase only the hull insurance (hull clause).If hull insurance (hull clause) is selected as basic compensation, either or both of the optional passenger accident insurance (passenger injury risk mortgage clause) or search and rescue cost insurance (search and rescue cost mortgage clause). Please be sure to subscribe as a set.

Information on options

Passenger injury insurance as an option (passenger injury risk collateral clause)
Or of the search and rescue cost insurance (search and rescue cost collateral special provision)
You can subscribe by selecting either or both of the desired ones.

Items to be prepared when subscribing

・ Types of vessels covered by insurance Please check yachts, motor boats, personal watercraft, etc.
・ Captain and horsepower of insured vessels (for yachts: captain, for motorboats and personal watercraft: horsepower)
・ Uses of vessels covered by insurance
・ Ship name, model, and hull number of the insured ship
・ Structure of the main storage location and storage facility for vessels covered by insurance
・ Situation of vessels covered by insurance If there is any damage, please check the location.
・ If a ship inspection certificate has been issued, please also prepare a ship inspection certificate.

Things to note

・ This page introduces the contents of yacht / motorboat comprehensive insurance.Please be sure to read the "Important Matters Manual" before making a contract.
・ Please refer to the insurance policy for details.
・ Riviera Life Support Co., Ltd., the handling agency, is engaged in agency business such as concluding insurance contracts and managing contracts based on the consignment contract with the underwriting insurance company.Therefore, the contract effectively concluded with Riviera Life Support will be directly concluded with the underwriting insurance company.
・ If you have any questions, please contact the Riviera Life Support or the underwriting insurance company.

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