[1] When selling insurance products, we will comply with various laws and regulations and strive for appropriate sales.

  • We comply with the Insurance Business Act, the Act on the Provision of Financial Services, the Consumer Contract Act, and various other laws and regulations, and strive to sell insurance appropriately.
  • We will be creative in explaining the contents and methods of explanation so that customers can understand the product contents correctly, and will conduct appropriate sales and solicitation activities.
  • When signing a contract, we will explain certain "important matters".

[2] We will comprehensively consider the customer's insurance knowledge, experience, financial situation, and purpose for concluding the contract, and strive to sell insurance products that match the customer's intentions and actual circumstances. 

  • In insurance sales, etc., we practice risk consulting and conduct appropriate product design, sales, and solicitation activities in line with customers' intentions and actual circumstances.
  • We will handle information about our customers appropriately and take care to protect the rights and interests of our customers.

[3] Regarding product explanations, etc. to customers, we will strive to create customer-oriented methods, etc., depending on the sales and solicitation format.

  • When selling insurance without face-to-face contact with customers, we always strive to improve the way we explain things so that as many customers as possible can understand.
  • When explaining insurance products and signing contracts, we will take the customer's perspective into account and give due consideration to the location and time of day.

[4] We will always strive to sell insurance appropriately from the perspective of preventing fraudulent acquisition of insurance proceeds. 

[5] We will strive to collect a variety of customer opinions, reflect them fully in insurance sales, and strive to increase customer satisfaction.