Riviera Co., Ltd. and Group companies in Japan (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”) are operators that manage wedding halls, restaurants, integrated beach resorts, sports clubs and real estate centering on sports and leisure, real estate, etc. As such, we recognize that it is important to properly handle information assets used for business purposes. In addition to gaining the trust of all customers, we will formulate the following basic information security policies and implement safe and appropriate information security measures.

The Company has established this policy and the subordinate provisions of this policy, and all employees shall comply with these policies when conducting business.

We comply with information security laws and regulations, national guidelines and other standards.


The Company shall take appropriate human, organizational, physical and technical measures regarding information security and ensure the safe and appropriate management and operation of information assets.


The Company will provide all employees with the necessary education to ensure the safe and appropriate management and operation of information assets.


The Company regularly evaluates and reviews its management system and rules to ensure the safe and proper management and operation of information assets, and makes continuous improvements.


We evaluate security risks of information assets based on appropriate risk assessment, and promote effective security measures by considering the results.


We regularly conduct internal audits to protect information security.

Enactment date 2019 October 1st
Last Revised Date 2019 October 1st
Riviera Co., Ltd.
Akio Kobayashi, Representative Director