Liability insurance (liability clause)

Legal damage compensation by killing or injuring another person due to possession, use or management of a small vessel such as a yacht or motorboat (personal accident), or by losing, damaging or defacement of another person's property (objective accident) We will compensate for the damage incurred by taking responsibility.

Major accident examples

・ While sailing, I touched another ship and injured the other passenger.
・ While sailing, I came into contact with another vessel and damaged the other's hull or cargo.
・ The fishing nets were damaged while sailing.

Scope of insured persons (insured persons)

We will only compensate for damages borne by the following persons.
・ Registered insured person (* 4)
・ A relative living with a registered insured person (* 4) who is using or managing an insured vessel.
・ Persons who are using or managing vessels covered by insurance with the consent of the registered insured person (* 4) (excluding repair and storage companies)
・ User of registered insured person (* 4) (However, only when the registered insured person is using the insured vessel for the business of the user)

(* 4) A registered insured person is a person who is specified in the insured person column of the enrollment request form as a person who can receive compensation at the time of enrollment.

Insurance money to pay

・ Compensation for damages
・ Costs to prevent the spread of damage in the event of an accident
・ First aid, escort, emergency measures costs
・ Dispute costs (requires the consent of the underwriting insurance company in advance), etc.

Main cases where insurance money cannot be paid

1. Damage caused by an earthquake, eruption or tsunami caused by these
2. Damage caused by an accident while leaving the water area within 200 km from the land in Japan and the inland area
3. Damage caused intentionally by policyholders, registered insured persons, etc.
4. Damages incurred by bearing liability for damages to passengers (including operators)
5. Damage caused by war, civil war, riots, nuclear fuel material, acts of terrorism, etc.

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