Passenger injury insurance (passenger injury risk collateral special provision)

If a person (insured person) on board an insured ship dies, suffers a residual injury, or suffers a residual injury due to a sudden and accidental outpatient accident such as a collision, overturn, or fall caused by navigation. If you are injured and need medical attention, you will be compensated.

Major accident examples

・ The passenger was injured when he came into contact with another vessel.
・ When the ship shook, the passenger fell and was injured.

Insurance money to pay

The following insurance will be paid if you die due to an injury caused by a sudden and accidental outpatient accident, if you have a late effect, or if you are hospitalized or go to the hospital.
・ Death insurance
・ Late effect insurance money
・ Medical insurance
* All cases are limited to cases that occur within 180 days from the day of the accident, including that day.

Main cases where insurance money cannot be paid

1. Injuries caused by earthquakes, eruptions or tsunamis caused by these
2. Injury caused by an accident while leaving the water area within 200 km from the land in Japan and the inland area
3. Injury caused to the insured by intentional or gross negligence
4. Injury to the driver himself when he is maneuvering in a state where he may be drunk and unable to maneuver normally.
5. Injuries caused to the insured by struggle, suicide or criminal activity
6. Wound infections caused by minor injuries that do not interfere with normal life or work (erysipelas, lymphadenitis, sepsis, tetanus, etc.)
7. Injuries caused by war, civil war, riots, nuclear fuel materials, etc.
8. Disability due to solar radiation, heat radiation or mental impulses

Created in February 2023 2TC-22


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