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Riviera Zushi Marina, Riviera Seabornia Marina, Enoshima Yacht Harbor/Shonan Port (designated and managed by Kanagawa Prefecture), and other marina management experiences. I will suggest you.

Yacht / Motorboat Comprehensive Insurance

Yachts & Boats Insurance

"To enjoy everyday life with peace of mind"
Riviera Yacht / Motorboat Comprehensive Insurance is available in case of trouble with your boat.
We will provide detailed support by proposing know-how based on many years of experience and substantial compensation contents.

Information on other insurance

Other Insurance

"To enjoy everyday life with peace of mind"
We offer a wide range of insurance, including housing insurance and body insurance, as well as automobile insurance and travel insurance.
For companies, we also offer insurance recommended for marina operators and various liability insurance.

Other insurance products

This homepage provides an overview of each insurance, and the description without a specific insurance company or product name is an explanation of general insurance products.Since the products handled, the name of each insurance and the content of compensation differ depending on the underwriting insurance company, be sure to read the "Important Matters Manual" and the pamphlet (leaflet) of each insurance when making a contract (subscribing in the case of a group contract). please read.If you have any questions, please contact the distributor.


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