For our future and the earth

The total number of 1446 SDGs works submitted. From February 2023 to 4th, 26, an exhibition of manga, senryu, and reports will be held at Riviera Zushi Marina (Kanagawa Prefecture).We are transmitting to expand the base of the sustainable movement.
Under the theme of "For our future and the earth", we solicited [Senryu], [XNUMX-panel comics] and [Reports].

This time, the third time, we received a total of 3 entries, which greatly exceeded the previous 1,446 entries.Passionate thoughts that transcend generations, from children to seniors, gathered as unique works full of diversity with their rich sensibilities.We hope that you will come and see our work with your family, friends, groups, or by yourself at the exhibition venue, and think and act together for the future and the earth.


・ Grand Prize: Hideto Sasaki (12 years old)
・Report Grand Prize: Mitsuyu Sugita (10 years old)
・Manga Award: Tomoma Nogami (11 years old)
・Senryu Grand Prize: Shinyui Okuyama (12 years old)
・Kanagawa Prefectural Governor Award: Rakuto Hasegawa (9 years old)
・Toshima Ward Mayor Award: Nagi Hamano (5 years old)
・Toshima Ward Board of Education Award: Jessica Wood (9 years old)
・Mayor Miura Award: Junnosuke Oi (12 years old)
・Miura City Board of Education Award: Yuta Hoshi (11 years old)
・Mayor of Yokosuka Award: Mizuyu Harayama (11 years old)
・Yokosuka City Board of Education Award: Soho Iwahana (10 years old)
・Mayor of Hayama Award: Yu Miyano (8 years old)
・Hayama Town Board of Education Award: Otoka Suzuki (12 years old)
・Zushi City Mayor Award: Yuki Nagata (13 years old)
・Zushi City Board of Education Award: Aoi Kondo (7 years old)
・Kamakura Mayor Award: Haruna Amano (49 years old)
・Kamakura City Board of Education Award: Ayaka Ohira (10 years old)
・Mayor of Fujisawa Award: Mr. Eiharu Furushio (11 years old)
・Fujisawa City Board of Education Award: Koai Sakamoto (8 years old)
・Mayor Hiratsuka Award: Fumito Ito (72 years old)
・Hiratsuka City Board of Education Award: Daiya Mimuro (6 years old)
・Mayor of Yokohama Award: Satsuki Tokunaga (14 years old)
・Enoshima Yacht Club Award: Sae Hatanaka (11 years old)
・Zushi Marina Yacht Club Award: Chito Serizawa (8 years old)
・NPO Hayama Yacht Club Award: Misaki Mizutani (10 years old)
・Asahi Beer Award: Hiori Kinoshita (12 years old)
・Riviera Award: Yoi Sekimoto (12 years old)
・Special Jury Prize: Yoei Zama (16 years old)
・Special Jury Prize: Mr. Akio Tanaka William (9 years old)
・Special Jury Award: Mio Suzuki (16 years old)
・Special Jury Award: Mr. Hotaka Koganemaru (13 years old)
・Special Jury Prize: Nanaka Sato (18 years old)
・Judge's Special Award: Shinji Iwamoto (67 years old)
・Audience Award: Nagi Hamano (5 years old)

[Honorable Mention]
・ Daiyo Okada (9 years old)
・ Kazumi Kawabata (40 years old)
・ Rin Taniguchi (9 years old)
・ Ria Tamura (10 years old)
・ Taiga Ishihara (12 years old)
・ Tomoma Nogami (11 years old)
・Miharu Hirohama (7 years old)
・Yonezawa Yu (8 years old)
・ Kaisei Sugimoto (12 years old)
・ Aio Fuchigami (14 years old)
・ Miwa Taguchi (39 years old)
・Sakura Iwagaki (13 years old)
・ Hana Oikawa (15 years old)
・ Tsukinagi Nakamaru (14 years old)
・Hoshika Shiro (10 years old)
・Kei Kitazono (69 years old)

Admission Information
Recruitment flyer

2022November 30th Wed.
Web application form registration deadline, work must arrive by mail

[Recruitment details]
■ Report (investigative learning)
■ Senryu
■ 4-panel comics

Target: Anyone (no restrictions on age, occupation, place of residence, etc.)

"For our future and the earth"
Your thoughts and feelings, episodes, daily feelings, problem solving, what you are working on, what you want to change, etc.

[Work rules]
・Limited to unpublished original works
・Applicants can participate in multiple categories
・Up to 1 entry per category

■ Report (investigative learning)
・Use A4 (210 x 297 mm), B4 (257 x 364 mm), or A3 (297 x 420 mm) paper.
・Write the title, name, and corresponding SDGs number on the cover of the work.
*Please note that works other than the specified size will not be eligible for prize selection or exhibition.

■ Senryu
The SDGs Senryu Grand Prize aims to be easy to participate and enjoyable for everyone.
Let's challenge everyone from adults to children, such as workplaces, schools, welfare facilities, hospitals, and families!
・Colloquial poetry on the rhythm of 5, 7, 5
・ Regardless of strict rules such as "seasonal words" and "fixed forms"
・In order to make it clear where 5, 7, and 5 are, please insert a blank space as shown below.
●●●●● ●●●●●●● ●●●●●

■ 4-panel comics
Let's express it with a 4-panel manga!
・Color and language are irrelevant
・Use the dedicated "manga application form"
*Please download the dedicated "manga application form" from the link below and print it out in A4 size (single-sided).

Download the manga application form

* We do not accept three-dimensional works, paintings, story comics, newspapers, essays, etc.
We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Precautions regarding application

■ Regarding the submitted work
・ Works that are contrary to the purpose of the contest, such as violent, slanderous, discriminatory, obscene, and offensive works, may be invalidated.
-The submitted work must not infringe the copyright and portrait rights of a third party.
・ The submitted work cannot be returned.Please note.
・We cannot answer individual questions regarding the selection process and selection results.
・If you are a minor, please apply after obtaining the consent of your guardian.

■ Handling of copyright
・ The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the RIVIERA Group.
・ Upon application, the following contents shall be permitted to be used in activities related to the organizer, such as news reports, websites, SNS, and various printed materials (including sublicense from the organizer to a third party).
◎Photos and videos taken at examination meetings, award ceremonies, exhibitions, etc.
◎Matters described in the application form, etc.
・ By submitting a work to this contest, the applicant is deemed to have agreed to the terms of this contest.

■ Handling of personal information
・ Personal information of applicants will not be used for anything other than content sent by the Riviera Group, and will be handled appropriately in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

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    I created the report in a size different from the standard size, can you accept it?

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What is the Riviera SDGs Work / Manga Award?

With the support of the NPO Riviera Future Creation Project, the “Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee” will host the “Riviera SDGs Work / Manga Award (3rd)” again this year.
Since the Riviera Group started its marina business in 2001, the Riviera Group has been strongly aware of the challenges of climate change and started environmental activities. Launched the Future Creation Project. We have been working on sustainable activities for 2006 years.In addition, we have set up an executive committee in hopes of a “sustainable movement”, and since January 3, we have named it the “Riviera SDGs Festival” and have been working as a hub to connect people and carry out various initiatives.
The public exhibition “Riviera SDGs Work / Manga Award” held as part of the “Riviera SDGs Festival” is an award that continues to foster a chain of sustainable movements and expand the base. It is very popular with local governments and companies.There were more than 2 entries for the 400nd edition, and an exhibition was held to display all the original drawings.
In order to "leave no one behind", this 3rd edition will continue to believe in the "power of manga" from the previous time, and will be communicated in an easy-to-understand manner to anyone regardless of age and language barriers. We will newly establish the “SDGs Senryu Grand Prize”. From seniors who have spent the ultimate sustainable era where “mottainai” and “helping each other” are the norm, to children who are progressing in SDGs education, all generations will play a leading role and send out messages for a sustainable society.

■Purpose of the event

① Learn about the award and create opportunities to think about SDGs and sustainability
XNUMX. Expand the chain of SDGs across generations such as children, parents, and grandparents through the creation of works
③ Realize a society that recognizes diversity through the SDGs work / manga award, where no two works are the same


Ms. Miki Yamada, State Minister of the Environment

I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations on the opening of the 3rd Riviera SDGs Manga Award.It is very encouraging to see so many people working on the SDGs with passion.The themes of climate change, resource recycling, and biodiversity will become increasingly important in the future.In order to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality by 2050, Japan will make strong efforts to transform the structure of the industrial society into a green society.In addition, “people” are the foundation for adapting to changing domestic and international trends and supporting our initiatives.We believe that each and every one of us should have a feeling of cherishing the environment and think and act on our own to solve the problems that are happening around us, which will lead to a sustainable society. I believe that the “Riviera SDGs Manga Contest” will support such efforts.

Mr. Shinjiro Koizumi, Member of the House of Representatives

Congratulations on holding the 3rd Riviera SDGs Manga Award.The Riviera SDGS Manga Award exhibition, which considers the environment and climate change, is held in a place where you can see the beautiful sea. I would be happy if it could be an opportunity to lead to action.I was born and raised in Yokosuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture, which is very close to the Riviera Zushi Marina.I've come to see the sea, and I've been healed and given strength by the sea, and on the other hand, I've seen sandy beaches that have been lost recently.Because the environment in my beloved hometown of Yokosuka has changed, I have been working to strengthen policies to combat climate change since my tenure as Minister of the Environment.I hope that this award will become a new power for the next generation.

Mr. Karen Makishima, Member of the House of Representatives

Congratulations to all the winners of the 3rd Riviera SDGs Manga Award.I heard that works were submitted by people of all generations.Ever since I served as the second Digital Minister, I have placed great importance on the concept of "future pull," which involves thinking about what needs to be done now in order to realize the future design.Furthermore, I have come to believe that it is important to formulate policies, plans, and plans that are not limited to one's own country or region, but are conscious of the global world.Japan is a major member of the G2 and this year's summit chair.I believe that this will be a year in which summit meetings and ministerial meetings will be held, promoting discussions with an eye toward the world, and discussing the SDGs at length.I would like everyone to open their eyes to the world from their immediate surroundings and work together to promote SDGs initiatives.

Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture

Out of over 1,400 entries, Rakuto Hasegawa, who created a report on reducing plastic waste, received the Kanagawa Prefectural Governor's Award.In addition, at the symposium held after the award ceremony, opinions were exchanged with the awardees, Mayor Kirigaya of Zushi City, Mayor of Yamanashi Town of Hayama Town, and ocean adventurer Kojiro Shiraishi.We listened to the story of how the awardees became aware of the issues and future activities, and heard the voices of the young people who will lead the next generation as adults, and felt the importance of working together.
Going forward, the prefecture will continue to work to expand individual SDGs actions.
[Source] See in the picture! "Kuroiwa Diary" February 2023, 5


[Organizer] Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee
[Co-organizer] NPO Riviera Future Creation Project / Riviera Resort Co., Ltd. / Riviera Tokyo Co., Ltd.

[Sponsor] Asahi Breweries, Ltd.
[Cooperation] Adismuse Co., Ltd.
[Donation] Yutaka Tanaka

Kanagawa Prefecture / Yokohama City / Toshima Ward / Zushi City / Miura City / Kamakura City / Hayama Town / Fujisawa City / Yokosuka City / Hiratsuka City / Kanagawa Prefecture Board of Education / Yokohama City Board of Education / Toshima Ward Board of Education / Zushi City Board of Education / Miura City Board of Education / Kamakura City Board of Education / Hayama Town Board of Education / Fujisawa City Board of Education / Yokosuka City Board of Education / Hiratsuka City Board of Education / Tokyo Association of Private Elementary Schools / General Incorporated Foundation Kanagawa Prefecture Private Junior and Senior High School Association / Kanagawa Prefecture Private Elementary School Association

Recruitment of volunteers!

Would you like to volunteer for the sustainable movement with the executive committee members?

[Work content]
*The work method will be explained by the staff before the work starts.

[Recruitment date and time]
January 28th Sat. Morning only 10:30-13:30
January 29th Sun. Morning 10:00-13:00 / Afternoon 14:00-17:00

* If you are a minor, please apply after obtaining the consent of your guardian.
*Transportation expenses are your responsibility.
*If necessary, please take out volunteer insurance on your own.
*Please wear clothes and shoes that are easy to move in. (Cold protection measures)
*Please cooperate with measures against infectious diseases.
* We are not responsible for theft or loss at the venue.
*Please bring your own food and drinks during breaks, or use the restaurants and cafes in the venue.
*Please take your own garbage such as food and drink home with you.

Thank you all for your cooperation!

Action for the future of children and the earth!

We ask for your support for the sustainable holding of the public exhibition "SDGS Manga Award".

* 100% of the charity donations and admission fees will not be used for indirect expenses, but will be used for all social contribution activities such as recruitment activities and exhibition construction expenses, and we will conduct projects that give children a bright hope for the future. I will come.We look forward to your warm support.

If you wish, we can arrange the following:
(XNUMX) Write your name on the list of donors on the website
② Write “Support for exhibitors” on the website with your name and add it to the Audience Award
It is also recommended for those who cannot visit the exhibition venue.

■ Reception period
~March 15th Wed. 23:59

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Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee

"The 3rd Riviera SDGs Work / Manga Award" Secretariat
Other award-winning works

NPO Riviera Future Creation Project

The NPO Riviera Future Creation Project is looking for companies and organizations that support environmental protection, education for children who will lead the future, and local SDGs actions.

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