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2022.03.20 >> NHK Good morning The exhibition "Riviera SDGs Works / Manga Award" was introduced in Japan.


● Grand Prize: Yuki Harasawa (5th grade) "Why I stopped using straws for school lunch" (report)
● Norwegian Award: Yuzu Komiyama (5th grade) "Help!" (4-frame manga)
● Kanagawa Prefectural Governor's Award: Ayaka Ohira (4th grade) "Learn SDGs and think about what we can do" (report)
● Kanagawa Prefectural Governor's Award: Sotaro Niki (4th grade) "A world that shouldn't exist" (4 frame cartoon)
● Toshima Mayor's Award: Tomoyo Sobue (1st year of junior high school) "It's a girl" (4 frame cartoon)
● Mayor of Zushi Award: Rei Nagaoka (5th grade) "The earth has become hot" (4 frame cartoon)
● Mayor of Kamakura Award: Tsukasa Tsurumi (5th grade) "Poiste 100x Return" (4 frame cartoon)
● Mayor of Hayama Award: Mr. Kazuha Komiya (1st year of junior high school) "What we can do" (4-frame manga)
● Toshima Ward Board of Education Award: Jun Ohno (3rd grade) "SDGs What We Can Do" (Report)
● Zushi City Board of Education Award: Riko Kondo (5th grade) "Let's protect the richness of the sea" (report)
● Kamakura City Board of Education Award: Keisuke Hasegawa (3rd grade) "Yuigahama Beach Clean" (Report)
● Hayama Town Board of Education Award: Tsumugi Sasaki (6th grade) "SDGs with gratitude to regain a healthy earth" (report)
● Masaki Ando Award: Mai Sato (4th grade) "Let's change the future!" (4-frame manga)
● Calpis Award: Yuri Kamiya (2nd grade) "Kurukuru! Recycle" (4-frame manga)
● Riviera Award: Kaishi Horii (1st grade) "Where is the garbage? (Sea garbage)" (4 frame cartoon)
● Riviera Award: Ayumu Yamamoto (2nd year high school) "Efforts to reduce plastic waste in the sea and city of Kamakura" (report)
● Jury Special Award: Nana Kusumoto / Chiharu (1st grade of junior high school / 4th grade of elementary school) "SDGs Karuta" (study study)
● Jury Special Award: Ms. Takaki Matsushima (2nd year of junior high school) "life" (painting)
● Jury Special Award: Mr. Yasunaga Zama (3rd year of junior high school) "I and SDGs Part 2 to protect the sand" (report)
● Jury Special Award: Kazu Morita (2nd year of junior high school) "Minna de" (story manga)
● Jury Special Award: Mr. Nene Suzuki (6th grade) "Dear Humans" (story manga)
● Jury Special Award: Haruna Amano "Aiming for Human Power Generation" (4-frame manga)
* Masaki Ando Award: (Mr. Masaki Ando, ​​a popular manga artist in the TV anime "Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki")
* Calpis Award: (Selected by Asahi Holdings Inc.)
* Riviera Award: (Selected by the Riviera Group)
* Jury Special Award: (Selected by the Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee)

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[Exhibition outline]

<Date> 2022 March 19th Sat. ~ March 27th Sun.
* March 22nd Tue. Is a regular holiday
* The award ceremony is March 27th Sun.

<Venue> Riviera Zushi Marina Riviera Plaza
     5-23-9, Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa, Japan

<Admission fee> Free (For the future of children, please donate 1 yen or more per person.)
      * Some paid workshops are available

<Opening hours> 11:00-17:00 (closes at 15:00 on weekdays)

[Exhibition Workshop]

A workshop on the theme of "SDGs" will be held during the exhibition period.
[Venue] Riviera Zushi Marina / Riviera Plaza
      "Riviera SDGs Works / Manga Award" Workshop space in the exhibition hall

March 20th Sun.

Making a "newspaper bag"
Lecturer: Akiko Makino
* Paid 500 yen / once
* We will produce large and small newspaper bags (1 large and 6 small).

March 21st (holiday / Monday) 14: 00 ~

"Smile training"
Lecturer: Keiko Kawano
* Wishing for a child full of smiles even if the corona is bad!
* Those who are worried about sagging face in mask life

March 21st (holiday / Monday) 15: 00 ~

"SDGs reading session by personality"
Lecturer: Keiko Kawano

March 26th Sat. 14: 00 ~

International understanding "Sekai to Asobo"
Lecturer: Kentaro Homma

March 26th Sat. 15: 00 ~

SDGs game
Lecturer: Mitsutaka Saito

March 27th Sun. 10: 00 ~

"Beach clean"
Meeting place: Zaimokuza coast

March 27th Sun. 11: 00 ~

"Riviera Tour" (Backyard Eco Exploration)

March 27th Sun. 12: 00 ~

"The story of marine debris"
Lecturer: Mr. Kenji Hashiramoto

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[Lecturer profile]

Akiko Makino
: Stylist, official newspaper bag instructor
Since the 1980s, he has worked on many talents and actor costumes, mainly for TV commercials, advertisements, magazines, etc. In 2003, he was impressed by the story of Shimanto Shimbun back in a lecture by Kochi designer Makoto Umehara and obtained an official instructor.He holds a newspaper back WS between his stylist jobs.

Keiko Kawano
: Smile trainer instructor, personality, smile education representative
Born in Zushi City, broadcasting the charm of Shonan as a personality of Shonan Beach FM. 2018 (One company) Established Smile Trainer Association, held qualification certification course and started training smile trainers.The following year, she founded Smile Education Co., Ltd.Planning, writing, supervising, etc. to spread smiles.Her uniquely devised "smile training" has gained popularity in various industries as a method to bring her closer to her ideal smile, and holds lectures and lectures.She also spends her days as a mother of one child, trying to "smile up" in her private life.

Kentaro Homma
: National Anthem Juke Boxer, Actor, Talent
A national anthem juke boxer who can instantly sing national anthems of more than 200 countries.As an actor, he has appeared on stage (Kabuki), movies, dramas, commercials, etc.As a member of the performance group White A (belonging to Amuse), he has performed in London for 4 months, USA tour, NHK Japan Prize, SMAPxSMAP and other domestic and international performances, and appeared on TV. He is also involved in the corner planning of the E-tele "Nihongo de Asobo". From 2019, he will be an actor / solo performer and will appear on NHK's "Shibuya Friends" and "Shinjuku Comedy Club" MCs, which are official events of Oripara.He continues to give lectures and appear on the radio.

Mr. Kenji Hashiramoto
: A staff member of the Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation, the only coastal beautification organization in Japan.
The Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation cleans the 150km natural coast of Kanagawa Prefecture all year round and collects 2000 tons of garbage annually.As a marine debris specialist at events, schools, corporate training, etc., what is happening on the coast of Kanagawa Prefecture and what we can do about marine debris, which is a global problem. Is lectured using abundant visuals.


Karen Makishima

Shinjiro Koizumi

Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture

More than 400 entries were submitted for the Riviera SDGs Work/Manga Award, and I am impressed that through this competition, young people, who will lead the next generation, see the SDGs as “personal matters” and apply them to their daily actions. I receivedWe will continue to work on expanding SDGs actions as the most advanced prefecture in the SDGs.

Mr. Yukio Takano, Mayor of Toshima Ward

The work selected for the Mayor's Award expresses the SDGs in "manga" with the theme of gender equality. It is a work that feels a very strong will after learning and understanding the SDGs, and the use of colors is wonderful.I am very happy to be able to actually see the results of learning the SDGs at all elementary and junior high schools in Toshima Ward in this way.Children are the main players in Toshima City's SDGs.As an SDGs future city, Toshima City will continue to work with children to create a future where no one is left behind.

Mr. Satoru Kirigaya, Mayor of Zushi City

Congratulations on holding the “Riviera SDGs Work/Manga Award” exhibition and award ceremony.
It is easy to think that it is difficult to understand how to work on the SDGs, but when I saw many works at the exhibition, I was really surprised that elementary and junior high school students took the SDGs as their own and created works. I was.And I think the future of Japan is bright.I hope Riviera's efforts will spread all over the world.

Mr. Takashi Matsuo, Mayor of Kamakura City

SDGs have now become a universal language.However, I have always felt that it is quite difficult to give an explanation that will make you fall in love with its meaning.With such a broad and difficult definition of the SDGs as the theme, applicants of a wide range of age groups, from elementary school students to adults, seriously faced each other and created works with creative expressions that expressed their thoughtful and thoughtful essence.I would like to pay my respects to all of you who have made the hard work of intellectual work possible, and I am pleased that Kamakura City has been able to present the Mayor's Award and the Board of Education Award from among the many outstanding works.

Mr. Takahito Yamanashi, Mayor of Hayama Town

The "Riviera SDGs Work / Manga Award" was a very important contest that asked us adults what we should do for the future of children.I was overwhelmed by the high-level works that I could not believe were expressed by elementary and junior high school students.The future earth belongs to children.We are the ones who can meet their expectations and hopes. We are doing our best to achieve the SDGs.

Mr. Tomoo Kaneko Superintendent of Toshima City Board of Education

Since last year, the city has been developing the SDGs Leadership Development Project throughout the school. is proceeding.I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for providing such a place for children to play an active role this time, while school events have been canceled or scaled down due to the corona wreck.
Going forward, with the cooperation of companies and local residents, we will continue to promote the creation of opportunities for hands-on activities such as these. As a committee, we would like to do our best to support the children's efforts.Thank you for your continued support.

Mr. Makoto Okochi, Superintendent of Zushi City Board of Education

I would like to congratulate you on the success of the Riviera SDGs and Manga Award Exhibition and the Award Ceremony.This time, we received 410 wonderful works, and among them, we awarded the Zushi City Board of Education Award.At the exhibition, I looked at the submitted works, and found that the works expressed the children's hopes for the future, and they were all about content that transcends generations.I sincerely wish all of you who participated in this initiative the best of luck in the future.

Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Metropolitan Area Management Head Office Metropolitan Area Development Branch Market Development Department Branch Manager Shinta Fukutani

Congratulations on holding the "Riviera-sama SDGs Works/Manga Award Exhibition and Award Ceremony".
I was surprised by the high quality of the children's works at the exhibition and the high awareness of the SDGs.I was also very impressed with the activities of Riviera, which supports these children, and their efforts toward the SDGs.I wish the further development of this wonderful exhibition.
Thank you very much for inviting me to this wonderful meeting today.

【Award ceremony】

<Schedule> 2022 March 27th Sun.

<Venue> Riviera Zushi Marina Riviera Plaza

● Grand Prize Supplementary prize: Awarded a charter cruising experience for sustainable vehicles and yachts that travel in the wind
● Kanagawa Governor's Award
● Toshima City Mayor's Award
● Kamakura Mayor's Award
● Zushi Mayor's Award
● Hayama Mayor's Award
● Toshima City Board of Education Award
● Kamakura City Board of Education Award
● Zushi City Board of Education Award
● Hayama Town Board of Education Award
● Masaki Ando Award
 (Mr. Masaki Ando, ​​a popular manga artist in the TV anime "Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki". See below.)
● Calpis Award (selected by Asahi Holdings Inc.)
● Norwegian Award (selected by the Norwegian Embassy)
● Riviera Award (selected by the Riviera Group)
● Jury Special Award (selected by the Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee)

・ Mr. Yuji Kuroiwa, Governor of Kanagawa Prefecture
・ Mr. Yukio Takano, Mayor of Toshima Ward
・ Mayor of Zushi, Mr. Satoru Kirigaya
・ Mr. Katsuichiro Senda, Deputy Mayor of Kamakura City
・ Mr. Takahito Yamanashi, Mayor of Hayama Town
・ Mr. Tomoo Kaneko, Director of Education, Toshima City Board of Education
・ Mr. Makoto Okouchi, Director of Education, Zushi City Board of Education
・ Asahi Soft Drinks Co., Ltd. Metropolitan Area Head Office Metropolitan Area Development Branch Market Development Department Branch President Shinta Fukutani
・ Akio Kobayashi, Chairman of the Riviera SDGs Executive Committee
・ Hanako Watanabe, General Manager of Riviera SDGs Executive Committee

Click here for award-winning works

\Manga artist Masaki Ando will also be judging the Manga Grand Prize! /

Manga artist Masaki Ando

Born in Ichinomiya City, Aichi Prefecture. At the age of 19, he was selected for the Shueisha manga artist excavation project and made his debut.After that, from 2016, in the monthly Comic REX of Ichijinsha, the four-frame manga "Yatogame-chan Kansa", in which high school girls from Nagoya dialect introduce the local culture of the Tokai region in a funny way. Tsunikki ”is being serialized.
The book has 11 volumes already published, and the animation will be broadcast in the 2022 period from April 4.
The character of this work, Monaka Yatogame, has been appointed as a special ambassador for tourism and culture exchange in Nagoya City, and is also active in promoting Nagoya culture.
In charge of character design for Nagoya City's environmental behavior promotion app "Nagocha".

"Yatogame-chan Kansatsu Nikki" (serialized in Ichijinsha / Monthly Comic REX)
"Bunguri Korokoro" (published by Kodansha)

"Turn SDGs into manga! You might think that you have to draw something stiff, but the appeal of manga is its readability and familiarity.I would like you to take this opportunity to understand the SDGs yourself and think about "It's a hard theme, but if you were a reader, you would read it if it was such a content"!

[Food drive]

We deliver surplus food at home to homes and children's cafeterias that are in need of food.We support the movement to eliminate food loss and sharing through food, and we will incorporate it in this "Riviera SDGs Works / Manga Award Exhibition".Please bring it on the day and put it in the collection box.Thank you for your cooperation of everybody.

Collection location: Inside the Riviera Plaza

[What makes you happy]
・ Staple foods: rice, noodles (somen noodles / pasta), dietary supplements, cup noodles, etc.
・ Side dishes: canned delicatessen, seaweed, ochazuke, retort curry, etc.
・ Others: Sweets, baby food, milk, canned fruits, beverages, seasonings, cooking oil, etc.

[Food received]
・ Items that can be stored at room temperature
・ Unopened
・ The expiration date is clearly stated and there is more than 2 months left.

[What you cannot receive]
・ Alcohol (alcohol, mirin, etc.)
・ Fresh foods, frozen foods, refrigerated foods
・ Items without expiration date (please be careful of sweets sachets, etc.)
・ The exterior is torn

[Purpose of the event]

① Create an opportunity to think about SDGs by knowing that there is a competition
(XNUMX) The SDGs chain spreads from the child who creates the work to the parents and grandparents.
③Providing a place to feel the SDGs by touching many works at the work exhibition



Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee


RIVIERA Resort Co., Ltd., RIVIERA Co., Ltd., NPO RIVIERA Future Creation Project


Kanagawa Prefecture, Toyoshima Ward, Zushi City, Kamakura City, Hayama Town, Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education, Toyoshima Ward Board of Education, Zushi City Board of Education, Kamakura City Board of Education, Hayama Town Board of Education, Norwegian Embassy

[Special sponsorship]


Asahi beer

Asahi Breweries, Ltd.



[To everyone who supports]

We would appreciate it if you could support the purpose of the event and support (individuals / corporations) for the future of children.
You can also use it for your company's sustainability activities and SDGs. (Please contact us for the exposure method)

《SDGs Manga Award》

■ Application requirements ■

[Recruitment details]
・ "Manga" expressing SDGs
・ Works with an image that makes you want to promote SDGs

[Recruited works]
・ 4-frame manga, story manga

・ Anyone can participate (baby-senior)
・ There are no restrictions on age, occupation, housing, etc.

[Work rules]
・ Original unpublished work created by the applicant
・ Black and white and color are not required
・ Language is not required
・ No matter what the painting materials are
・ One entry per person for the Manga Award

● 4-frame cartoon submission size
Please download and use the following PDF for the format dedicated to 4-frame comics.

● Story manga
・ A4 (210 × 297mm) Complete in 2 or 4 vertical pages
・ The following is written on the back of the work
① Applicable SDGs number ② Address ③ Name ④ Age ⑤ Phone number ⑥ Email address ⑦ School name (or occupation) ⑧ Grade ⑨ Title ⑩ Description (up to 100 characters)

《SDGs Student Work Contest Vol.2》
Qualifications: Children to high school 3rd grade (18 years old or younger)

■ Application requirements ■

[Recruitment details]
・ "Painting" expressing SDGs
・ Reports and research learning

● Painting works
・ No matter what the subject or painting material is
・ Paste paintings and XNUMXD works are not allowed
-Use drawing paper of quartet size (380 x 540 mm)
・ The following is written on the back of the work
① Applicable SDGs number ② Address ③ Name ④ Age ⑤ Phone number ⑥ Email address ⑦ School name (or occupation) ⑧ Grade ⑨ Title ⑩ Description (up to 100 characters)

● Report (study learning) work
・ No matter what the subject or painting material is
-Use A4 (210 x 297 mm) to A3 size (297 x 420 mm) paper.
・ Write the title and name on the cover of the work.
・ After registering in the application form, download the work slip, fill it out, and enclose it.

From kindergarten to high school third grade (3 years old or younger)
* We welcome applications for each school and class.

[Remarks / Application rules]

■ Regarding the submitted work
・ Works that are contrary to the purpose of the contest, such as violent, slanderous, discriminatory, obscene, and offensive works, may be invalidated.
-The submitted work must not infringe the copyright and portrait rights of a third party.
・ The submitted work cannot be returned.Please note.
■ Handling of copyright
・ The copyright of the submitted work belongs to the RIVIERA Group.
・ Upon application, the following contents shall be permitted to be used in activities related to the organizer, such as news reports, websites, SNS, and various printed materials (including sublicense from the organizer to a third party).
◎ Photos and videos taken at judging committees, awards ceremonies, exhibitions, etc.
◎ Matters stated in the exhibition application form, application form, etc.
・ By submitting a work to this contest, the applicant is deemed to have agreed to the terms of this contest.
■ Handling of personal information
・ Personal information of applicants will not be used for anything other than content sent by the Riviera Group, and will be handled appropriately in compliance with relevant laws and regulations.


NPO Riviera Future Creation Project

The NPO Riviera Future Creation Project is looking for companies and organizations that support environmental protection, education for children who will lead the future, and local SDGS actions.

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