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Riviera Future Creation Project (SDGs)

The Riviera Future Creation Project focuses on the three pillars of the environment, education, and health and medical care, and conducts many activities related to social education, environmental conservation, and youth development in order to protect and enrich the future of children. increase.

  • Activities to protect a rich future for children
  • Activities to protect the beautiful ocean and earth, etc.

We would like to advance these solutions (problem solving) hand in hand with many people.
We sincerely look forward to companies, organizations, and individuals who can support us as partners and supporters of our activities.

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What is NPO Riviera Future Creation Project?

The Riviera Group, which has been working on regional revitalization through food since the 1980s, acquired “Riviera Zushi Marina” and “Riviera Seabornia Marina” (Kanagawa Prefecture) in 2001. Since the start of the marina business, we have been facing issues related to climate change. It started with having a strong awareness and starting environmental conservation activities.

Organizing a wide range of activities, in 2006 launched the "Riviera Future Creation Project" with the three pillars of environment, education, and health care (well-being), and continued various sustainable activities for 17 years through industry-government-academia collaboration. In addition, we continue to make efforts based on this philosophy in our business activities.

In 2020, in order to further promote these activities, we established the Riviera Mirai Creation Project, a specified non-profit organization, to promote social education, protect the environment, and promote the sound development of children. We are promoting the above "Riviera Future Creation Project".

Hoping for a “sustainable movement”, we started the “Riviera SDGs Festival” in January 2021 to connect people, and are carrying out various initiatives through the event.The public exhibitions “Riviera SDGs Work / Manga Award” and “LOVE OCEAN” are part of this.In addition to the Riviera Group and other affiliated company employees, we will also contribute to the United Nations Global Compact by collaborating with industry-government-academia collaboration, local residents, local organizations and companies, and other efforts to revitalize the region and create a prosperous future. We are working hard to contribute to a sustainable society.

Recruitment of partners and supporters

As a partner in activities to protect the rich future of children and the beautiful sea and earth,
We sincerely look forward to companies, organizations and individuals who can support us.
As a supporter, we would like to ask for your cooperation in donating to spread the word about this activity to as many people as possible.

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Use of donations and sponsorship money

Donations and sponsorships will be used for social contribution activities related to the environment, education, health care, and social education, environmental conservation, and youth development to protect and enrich the future of children.

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Riviera Future Creation Project (SDGs)



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