* Age is the age at the time of application.

大 賞

Hideto Sasaki (12 years old)
"Grandpa who is kind to the earth"

Manga Award

Tomoma Nogami (11 years old)
"Earth full of water"

Senryu Grand Prize

Kokoyui Okuyama (12 years old)
"Beware of buying too many refrigerators. It's three secrets."

Toshima Ward Mayor Award
Audience Award

Nagi Hamano (5 years old)
"Life friendly to the Chikyu"

Toshima Ward Board of Education Award

Jessica Wood (9 years old)
"Living things are useless"

Mayor Miura Award

Junnosuke Oi (12 years old)
"What can we do to save the sea and fish?"

Miura City Board of Education Award

Yuta Hoshi (11 years old)
"Let's protect the richness of the sea"

Yokosuka City Mayor Award

Mizuyu Harayama (11 years old)
"Festival after that interpretation"

Yokosuka City Board of Education Award

Soho Iwahana (10 years old)
"Let's teach everyone!!"

Hayama Town Mayor Award

Yu Miyano (8 years old)

Hayama Town Board of Education Award

Otoka Suzuki (12 years old)
"Let's protect the sea creatures together"

Zushi City Mayor Award

Yuki Nagata (13 years old)
"Let's join forces together!"

Zushi City Board of Education Award

Aoi Kondo (7 years old)
"I eat trash, I eat fish"

Kamakura Mayor Award

Haruna Amano (49 years old)
"Wanwan Biomass Security Light"

Mayor of Fujisawa Award

Eiharu Furushio (11 years old)
"Lost Thing"

Hiratsuka City Mayor Award

Fumito Ito (72 years old)
"In the corner of the North Pole"

Hiratsuka City Board of Education Award

Daiya Mimuro (6 years old)
"SDGs Tetsudo 999"

Yokohama Mayor Award

Satsuki Tokunaga (14 years old)
"My fashion"

Enoshima Yacht Club Award

Sae Hatanaka (11 years old)
"Collect luck"

Zushi Marina Yacht Club Award

Chito Serizawa (8 years old)
"If the sea is clean, the fish will be happy♡"

NPO Hayama Yacht Club Award

Misaki Mizutani (10 years old)
"Beach clean"

Asahi Beer Award

Hiori Kinoshita (12 years old)
"Reality of the Sea"

Riviera Award

Yoi Sekimoto (12 years old)
"Let's protect the sea! SDGs"

Judge special prize

Akio Tanaka William (9 years old)
"Give us back our house!"

Judge special prize

Horyu Koganemaru (13 years old)
"Dancing fish and garbage bags in the sea"

Judge special prize

Shinji Iwamoto (67 years old)
"Old Wisdom"

3th Riviera SDGs Manga Award

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Riviera SDGs Action Executive Committee

"The 3rd Riviera SDGs Work / Manga Award" Secretariat


NPO Riviera Future Creation Project

The NPO Riviera Future Creation Project is looking for companies and organizations that support environmental protection, education for children who will lead the future, and local SDGs actions.

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Riviera Zushi Marina is Asia's first marina
Acquired "Blue Flag" certification

Blue Flag marinas are recognized as ``well-managed, safe, comfortable, environmentally-friendly marinas that offer environmental education, and are enjoyable for everyone, regardless of handicap.'' Yes, the blue flag is a universal “sign of peace of mind”.