The Blue Flag is an international environmental certification system that evaluates sustainable beaches such as beaches and marina, which is the oldest in the world by the international NGO "FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education)" headquartered in Denmark. It is a program related to everything.
At the beach, there are 4 categories (33) water quality, 37) environmental education and information, XNUMX) environmental management, XNUMX) safety and service, and XNUMX standards.Marinas, which have stricter standards than beaches, have six categories ((XNUMX) water quality, (XNUMX) environmental education and information, (XNUMX) environmental management, (XNUMX) safety and services, (XNUMX) CSR (corporate social responsibility), and (XNUMX) participation in society and communities.) And XNUMX criteria must be met, with additional criteria to reduce environmental pollution and burden.Even when renewing, it is obligatory to undergo an examination every year, and continuous efforts are required to continue.

Only beach marina that meets the standards can obtain the blue flag and raise the flag after undergoing two rigorous examinations, a national examination and an international examination.
Especially in Europe, Blue Flag Beach is visited by many people on vacation as "a clean, safe and gentle beach that everyone can enjoy".
In addition, the Beach Flag Marina was recognized as "an environmentally beautiful marina that is well-managed, safe, comfortable, environmentally educated, and enjoyable for everyone with or without a handicap." And the blue flag is a universal "sign of security".

Born in France in 1985, it has spread to countries around the world, mainly in Europe, and as of November 2021, 11 locations in 50 countries have been certified.Certified beaches in Japan are Yuigahama Beach (Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture), Wakasa Wada Beach (Takahama Town, Fukui Prefecture), Suma Beach (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture), Motosuka Beach (Yamatake City, Chiba Prefecture) Katase Nishihama.・ Only 4831 locations, Kusunuma Beach (Fujisawa City) and Zushi Beach (Zushi City).The only certified marina in Japan is "Riviera Zushi Marina", which is the first time in Asia.

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[Background of acquisition]

In the Riviera, which started the marina business in 2001, I felt climate change and started to tackle environmental problems.In early 2000, when there was less awareness and information about the environment than it is now, the Riviera started with what it could do to reduce CO2006.Based on this, we launched the "Riviera Future Creation Project" in 3, and are engaged in numerous activities with the three pillars of "environment," "education," and "health and medical care."For example, instead of burning vegetable waste from the marina's restaurant at the clean center, we use it as compost to grow pesticide-free vegetables in our own vegetable garden and provide it again at the restaurant in the Riviera Zushi Marina. For the first time in Japan, a "thin-film solar power generation" panel was installed on the quay to use renewable energy for power supply at the marina.Through these activities carried out by our own employees and activities carried out through industry-government-academia collaboration, we have been steadily continuing for over 17 years in order to pass on the good old things and the natural environment to the next generation.In addition, since 2021, we have been holding the "Riviera SDGs Festival" that connects people as a hub and the "Riviera SDGs Works / Manga Award" to broaden the base of sustainable movements.
In order to further commit to the environment, we applied for international certification after a preparation period of about one year, and after rigorous examination, we met all 1 items in 6 fields. I got the flag.The marina was the first in Japan and the first in Asia to receive BLUE FLAG certification.
As a world-class marina recognized by the Blue Flag, we will further focus on contributing to environmental conservation, environmental education, and sustainable urban development.

[Part of the activity]

Marine promotion activities for children who will lead the next generation

Beach clean activities

Installation of solar panels on Japan's first breakwater

Holding sustainable events

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