Welcome to Riviera Marche @ Zushi Marina, where you can enjoy the marina while feeling the sea breeze.

[Scheduled to hold Marche]
7/3 Sun.
10:00 - 15:00

Riviera Marche is a Marche where you can enjoy the connection between people while feeling the sea breeze with the concept of Marine, Fresh, and Green.

What suits the sea
Fresh and locally produced
Things that are kind to the body and the earth

Riviera Zushi Marina Official Account

On the official Instagram, the latest information is released at any time!
Not only information on Marche, but also the best location and sunset are uploaded.

Also, when you come to the Riviera, please tag and post your photos.

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* Request for permission to shoot and shoot by our cameraman

The photos and videos taken on the day of the event may be used on the official HP of this event and the official account of SNS. If you do not wish to shoot, please ask the staff with a camera.

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Please use public transportation when you come to the venue. * There is a limit to the number of parking lots.

| Reservations / Inquiries |
Riviera Zushi Marina Riviera Marche Secretariat
Phone 0467-23-0028

| Location |
Riviera Zushi Marina
Riviera Plaza