Many popular shops in Shonan have opened!Welcome to Riviera Marche @ Zushi Marina, where you can enjoy the sea breeze.

* 10/31 Sat. The event has ended.
Thank you for your cooperation in opening many stores.
Next time we look forward to!

【next time】
Coming Soon

[Scheduled to be held in the future]
Coming Soon

* Event details and schedule / time are subject to change without notice

The monthly Riviera Marche
Bio / Seaside / Local
Based on the concept, it is a community-based event that you can enjoy while feeling the sea breeze.

ー Bio ー
Good for the body
ー Seaside ー
What suits the sea
ー Local ー
Local production

Many local popular stores open ♪

A white and blue tent is a landmark ☆
Local shops, miscellaneous goods, accessories, workshops, etc.
Please look forward to opening at various stores ☆

Deliver special foods and drinks ☆

Inside the Zushi Marina, not only "Ristorante AO" and "Ron Herman Cafe", where you can enjoy the ocean view, but also the first landing in Japan, "MALIBU FARM" will open on 3/26 Thu.

There are other booths for eating and drinking, so come hungry and eat!

☆ Riviera Zushi Marina Official Account ☆

On the official Instagram, the latest information is released at any time!
The information of Marche, as well as the best locations and sunsets are updated daily. Check it out!

Also, when you come to the Riviera, be sure to tag it and give it a photo ♪
If you give us a nice photo, we will repost it on the official account! Don't miss it because there are regular gift plans ♪
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* Request by our photographer and permission to shoot *

The photos and videos taken on the day of the event may be used on the official HP of this event and the official account of SNS. If you do not wish to shoot, please ask the staff with a camera.

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Please use public transportation when you come to the venue. * There is a limit to the number of parking lots.

| Reservation / Contact |
Riviera Zushi Marina Riviera Marche Secretariat
Phone 0467-23-0028

| Location |
Riviera Zushi Marina
5-23-16 Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa, 249-0008 Japan 23-16