A base for marine sports where the sea breeze is comfortable
Hayama Port, the birthplace of Japanese yachts

  • June 1st
    We have established "Guidelines for preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection" at each riviera marina.
  • To Users
  • September 30th
    ・船揚げ場コンクリート舗装1回目:令和2年October 12th~令和2年October 24thまで(予定)
    ・船揚げ場コンクリート舗装2回目:令和2年October 26th~令和2年1January 7thまで(予定)
  • 令和2年度港湾補修工事(県単)その4 工事のお知らせ
  • August 12th
    [Use of rental conference rooms and multipurpose rooms]
    From June 15th, the use of meeting rooms A on the 2nd floor and multipurpose rooms A and B on the 3rd floor has resumed. Please read "Coronavirus Infection Prevention Guidelines for Rental Conference Rooms, etc." before you make a reservation.
  • [Please make sure before booking] Guidelines for preventing coronavirus infectious diseases when using rental conference rooms
  • [Use of facilities] Updated: August 12th
    Please refrain from staying for long periods of time and avoid crowding, such as keeping your physical distance, and please wear a mask and cooperate with cough etiquette.
    Please contact the management office directly for details and the latest status.

    ● Breakwater <<Available>>
    The opening time in August is from 8:8 to 30:19, and the opening time in September is from 9:8 to 30:18. It may be closed in bad weather.
    ●Everyone's room, lobby << Available >>
    Currently, we are reducing the number of tables and chairs.
    ●Changing room, shower room <<Available>>
    Please avoid using it when you are physically too far away, refrain from unnecessary conversations, and wear a mask.
  • ●Please check this page for visitor usage.
  • When using it, please also check the “New Coronavirus Infection Prevention Guideline” of each Riviera.
    In addition, there is a possibility that the response may change due to changes in the situation such as further progress of the situation, convergence of the situation, change of national or prefectural policy.
    We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
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Rich nature and the sea full of light, sophisticated streets.
At "Hayama Port" with the concept of "open marina"
You can enjoy various things from cruising and fishing.

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