We will guide you on how to access the Riviera Zushi Marina by car, train, bus, taxi, boat, bicycle, and parking lot.
* Please note that the number of parking lots is limited.
* In addition to "Zushi Marina Parking Lot", the availability (number of parking spaces) of the surrounding parking lot "Kotsubo Kaihinchi Parking Lot" is listed below.Please use it before your arrival.
Click on this sentencePlease read "To all visitors" before visiting..

Riviera Zushi Marina detailed map (for printing)

Riviera Zushi Marina on-site map


Visitors coming by car

The nearest IC is "Asahina IC".

By car
  1. From Daisan Keihin or Metropolitan Expressway Yokohane Line

    Yokohama Shindo ⇒ Take the Yokohama Yokosuka Road toward Yokosuka and get off at the Asahina IC ⇒ Riviera Zushi Marina

  2. From the Metropolitan Expressway

    Get off at Yokohama IC ⇒ Take the Hodogaya Bypass toward Yokosuka and get off at Asahina IC ⇒ Riviera Zushi Marina

  • About 7.5km from Asahina IC
  • About 9.0km from Zushi IC
  • Please use the "Zushi Marina Parking Lot" which can accommodate up to 120 cars.

    We are introducing the "Kotsubo Seaside Parking Lot" as a nearby parking lot.

    Street parking in the Riviera Zushi Marina is prohibited.Please observe the etiquette and refrain from pausing for the purpose of shooting.

    There are many one-way streets, so please check the traffic signs carefully.

Parking lot information (Available parking lot availability)

[General parking]
You can use the "Zushi Marina Parking Lot (charged)" in the Riviera Zushi Marina.
There is a discount service depending on the contents of use.

  • Issuance of service tickets
    Please show the parking ticket to the staff of each store / content and tell them that you need a service ticket.
    Please note that we cannot accept refunds or service ticket issuance after delivery.

  • As a nearby parking lot, we will guide you to the "Kotsubo Kaihinchi parking lot (charged)". (Discount service is not available)

[Parking lot availability]

[When using micro / large bus]
Please ask for parking space at least 21 days in advance.
Please provide the bus company contact information, vehicle size, bus name or number.

Arrangement: Sightseeing on the Riviera
Bus company: Seaside Transportation Phone.0468-XX-XXXXX
Size: Large bus 12m
Number: Yokohama XXX A XX

In addition, there may be vehicle traffic restrictions on the surrounding roads,
When using a minibus or a large bus, please check in advance.

Customers arriving by train, bus or taxi

When using the "train" to the nearest station

Riviera Zushi Marina Nearest Station

  1. JR Kamakura Station East Exit

  2. JR Zushi Station East Exit

  3. Keikyu Zushi / Hayama Station North Exit

  • JR Yokosuka Line (about 55 minutes) from Tokyo Station
  • JR Shonan-Shinjuku Line (about 58 minutes) from Shibuya Station
  • Keihin Kyuko Line-JR Yokosuka Line (about 55 minutes) from Haneda Airport
  • JR Yokosuka Line (25 minutes) from Yokohama Station
  • From Odawara Station JR Tokaido Main Line-JR Yokosuka Line (about 45 minutes)

By bus from the nearest station

  1. From Kamakura Station (East Exit)

    Kamakura Station East Exit ⇒ Keihin Kyuko Bus "7" platform "Via Kotsubo / Zushi Station (40th Bus / 41st Bus)" (about 12 minutes)
    ⇒ Get off at "Kotsubo" stop ⇒ Go to the left, go under the overpass and go straight along the road (7 minutes on foot)

  2. From Zushi Station (East Exit)

    Zushi Station East Exit ⇒ Keihin Kyuko Bus "No. 7" platform "Via Kotsubo / Kamakura Station" (about 12 minutes) ⇒ Get off at "Riviera Zushi Marina Mae" (1 minute walk)

  3. From Zushi / Hayama Station (North Exit)

    Zushi / Hayama Station North Exit ⇒ Keihin Kyuko Bus "No. 4" platform "Via Kotsubo / Kamakura Station" (about 12 minutes)
    ⇒ Get off at "Riviera Zushi Marina Mae" immediately (1 minute walk)

Keihin Electric Express bus timetable

When using a car (taxi, etc.) from the nearest station

If you are using a car (taxi, etc.) from the station, please contact "Riviera Zushi Marina". (Approximately 9 minutes by car from Kamakura Station / Zushi Station)

Customers arriving by boat

When entering the port, look at the red buoy on the right and enter the port.

  1. Look at the red buoy off the coast on your right and enter.The right side (toward Hayama) that goes inside from this is shallow and no entry is allowed. Proceed in the direction of 40 degrees.

  2. Look at the second red buoy on your right and continue. Change the needle to 2 degrees and proceed to the red buoy near the marina.

  3. Turn right at the red buoy near the marina and enter the harbor.Please call the harbor front around here.We will tell you where to moor.Departure priority.

  4. Temporary mooring will be moored at the service berth around here on the right after entering the port.

  5. When refueling, proceed further to the refueling berth next to the 40-ton crane.

Arrival information

Customers arriving by bicycle

Please be sure to use the bicycle parking lot in "Zushi Marina Parking Lot".

  • It is forbidden to leave the bicycle outside the bicycle parking lot.

General Inquiries




5-23-9, Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa 249-0008, Japan

[Inquiries from the media]
Riviera Group Marketing Department
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