If you are considering shooting at Riviera Zushi Marina, please check the following requirements.
In addition, we will respond flexibly according to the wishes of each company, so please feel free to contact us.

How to apply

  1. Please contact us by phone or email for the details of the shooting.

  2. 「リビエラ逗子マリーナ撮影申請書」に必要事項を明記の上、撮影4日前までに、企画書など内容が分かる資料を添えて、事前にご提出ください。

  3. When shooting TV, movies, etc., please submit the materials such as the plan, script, and storyboard together with the "Riviera Zushi Marina Shooting Application" by one week of shooting.

[Email address to send the application form]

Shooting area

  1. It is a place within the facility and building that is deemed appropriate by the Company without any obstacles to security and traffic.

  2. In principle, Harbor Pier is a restricted area except when approved by the Company.

Shooting date and time

  1. The shooting time is from 10:00 to 18:00. However, if you wish to shoot early in the morning and night, please consult us separately.

  2. Photography inside the store and near the store entrance is outside business hours.

Shooting procedure

  1. The person in charge of photography must receive the armband that allows photography at the Riviera Plaza, and all persons involved in photography must wear the armband and work. After shooting, please return it to our company.

  2. Our representative will be present at the shooting, please follow the instructions of the representative.

  3. 車両は駐車場の所定の位置にとめてください。(撮影料金の精算時に、駐車料金のタイムサービスを反映しますので、出庫前に撮影許可腕章とあわせて駐車カードをご提示ください)

  4. Please send the magazine and the completed work.


  1. Please eat, drink, smoke, change clothes and make up in the designated waiting room or carry-on vehicle.

  2. Please handle any trash generated during shooting. Also, be careful of cigarettes and other sources of fire.

  3. Please do not disturb the public (noise, closed traffic, etc.).

  4. Please refrain from using or moving objects in the facility without permission.

  5. We do not take photographs that damage the image of the facility and harm the customs.

  6. If you cannot adhere to the details, you may be required to stop shooting immediately.

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