With a pet that is an important family

You can enjoy it with your family and pets
Marina Resort "Riviera Zushi Marina"
Meal on the terrace of the restaurant with your pet
Accommodation at a small luxury hotel
Experience a trailer hotel designed in the near future
A wonderful farewell party to send to the afterlife ...
Take a walk in the open marina overlooking the sea
Pet-friendly events, etc.
a variety of content
Enjoy at the Riviera Zushi Marina

\ Enjoy with pets /

Content introduction

There are many contents that you can enjoy with your pet in the Riviera Zushi Marina!
Whether it's a one-day stay or a stay, spending time at the Marina Resort "Riviera Zushi Marina" is a special time for your pet.

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Ristorante AO

Modern Italian with the concept of "tasting the seasons"
All seats ocean view where you can enjoy the spectacular view
The terrace seats where pets are allowed
Special seats overlooking the horizon and sunset


Ristorante AO
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Malibu Farm

Southern California style restaurant for the first time in Japan
Have a relaxing time on the terrace while gazing at the palm trees
There is also a lead holder at the counter seat on the terrace


Malibu Farm
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A dog space where your dog can enjoy without a leash
At the terrace seat outside the fence
Malibu Farm Cafe's takeout menu is available

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Malibu Hotel

You can fulfill your pet and resort stay
Small luxury hotel with all suite rooms
Pets can spend their time freely
dog friendly room


"Dog-friendly room" where you can stay with your pet
A water garden and palm trees spread out in front of you, and you can go out from the spacious outdoor living room.
Stay active and forget the time for the ultimate luxurious time at the Malibu Hotel

Malibu Hotel
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Space Key Point

Based on the concept of "synchronizing with nature"
Japan's first near-future design trailer hotel
Facing Sagami Bay with a view of Mt.Fuji
Fantastic sunset that changes every moment
An extraordinary space where you can feel the earth and space
Enjoy with pets


The "Dog Friendly Room" is equipped with a dog bed, toilet seat, and food plates.
In the superb view sauna exclusively for hotel guests, where you can enjoy a self-roasting experience, you can enjoy the view of the ocean below.
Create a space in your heart, prepare your mind, and provide time to become the key point of your life.

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You can participate with your pet

Charity event

A charity event where you can spend a relaxing time while feeling the sea breeze
Held "Zushi Marina Pet Festa"
We donate a portion of our sales to animal welfare

Fes Zushi Marina Pet Festa
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Many popular shops in Shonan are exhibiting!

@Zushi Marina

With the concept of Bio / Seaside / Local
Riviera Marche where you can enjoy while feeling the sea breeze
Many popular shops in Shonan lined up
Have fun with your pet

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Celebration of Life

Pet marine funeral

Riviera marine funeral "new journey"

~ Celeblation of Life ~

When it's time to say goodbye to a pet that is like family... We will help you send your pet who loves to run around from the beautiful sea of ​​Shonan to a sea burial in the Riviera that travels the world.

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Precautions when bringing pets

At Riviera Zushi Marina, we aim to create a prosperous city where people and pets coexist, including those who are not good with dogs.
Please be considerate as there are people who are not good at animals and customers who have allergies in the hall.
All customers visiting the Riviera Zushi Marina are asked to comply with the following rules and take full responsibility for their safety and comfort.

☑Be sure to wear a leash inside the venue.Also, a long leash is dangerous, so be sure to keep the leash short.
(You can release the lead only when using DOGGY GARDEN. Please refer to the terms of use for using DOGGY GARDEN.)
☑ Pets are not allowed on food tables in restaurants.
☑Please prevent and dispose of excrement so as not to cause inconvenience to local residents.Also, if you do mark, wash it off immediately with water.
☑ We recommend that you bring your own drinking water for pets.
☑Some places, such as indoor facilities, cannot be entered with pets.
☑Please note that pets that become aggressive when they see people or other pets may not be allowed to use the restaurant.
☑ If you are traveling with a dog older than 91 days, be sure to attach the rabies injection certificate and tag in a visible location.
* Rabies occurs all over the world, except for a few countries including Japan.It is a terrifying zoonotic disease that cannot be cured once it develops, and many people die all over the world every year.According to the Rabies Prevention Law, dogs over 91 days old are required to be registered and to be vaccinated against rabies once a year.For details, please contact the local public health center.
☑We are not responsible for any pet-related accidents or troubles, so please discuss with the parties involved.
In the unlikely event that trouble occurs in the venue, the parties concerned will be asked to deal with it.
☑If your pet damages the equipment in the venue, you may be asked to compensate for the damage.
☑Please refrain from taking pictures in the off-limits area of ​​the Riviera Zushi Marina.
☑The wooden frame that surrounds the Malibu Hotel signboard is made of very precious wood.It is strictly prohibited to climb up the wooden frame to take pictures of your dog or to excrete it.

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