Ristorante AO Zushi Marina

Ristorante AO Zushi Marina

Creative Italian dining with ocean views on all seats and a view of Mt. Fuji over the sea.We will entertain you with delicious dishes unique to Shonan and wines from all over the world in each season.

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Malibu Farm Zushi Marina

Malibu Farm Zushi Marina

Under the concept of "FRESH, ORGANIC, LOCAL", please enjoy a Japanese-only menu using fresh vegetables from the local Shonan and seafood from Sagami Bay while feeling the sea breeze in an open-air space.

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Ron Harman Cafe

Ron Herman Cafe
Ron Herman Cafe Zushi Marina

A glass-enclosed cafe with a harbor view in front of you.Please spend a relaxing time in the store full of natural light or on the open terrace.We offer foods and sweets made with seasonal ingredients.

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For members of the Riviera Resort Club and members who have yachts and boats on board, we also offer a catering service where you can enjoy the food of the restaurant on board.

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