Ristorante AO offers meal tickets and souvenirs that are perfect for presents.


Meal ticket

This is a Ristorante AO meal ticket that can be issued according to your wishes, with the number of guests and price settings customized.
Depending on the occasion and your budget, we offer lunch tickets and dinner tickets that also come with a first drink.We offer a variety of products to suit a variety of uses.
Why don't you give a delicious moment to enjoy at the spectacular ocean view restaurant as a celebration for your family, a long service, or a prize for a sports tournament?

ex) Use as a gold voucher for 10,000 yen
ex) Use as a pair lunch or pair dinner
*The expiry date is usually six months.
*It will take about a week to create.

[Purchase flow]
①Please specify your desired amount and delivery method over the phone or at the store.

②Please transfer the amount to the store or designated bank account.

③You can receive it by mail or at the store.
*We will refrain from shipping to anyone other than the requester.


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