Remembrance meeting for a new departure

As a precious memory even after the funeral or ocean burial
Something that will stay in my heart forever
I will make a suggestion.

  • 01.Family/Relatives/
    Invite your close friends

    Farewell party to remember

    Once the deceased has calmed down after the hectic funeral, a farewell party is held for the deceased's family, relatives, close friends, and those who cared for them to remember the deceased and bid them farewell as they embark on a new journey.

  • 02.Planned by the person himself before his death


    As an end-of-life option, there are an increasing number of cases in which the person in question considers, plans, and prepares a memorial service in advance, out of consideration for not placing a burden on the family who sends the person away.

  • 03.As a memorable event
    again as a memorial


    We will help you organize a gathering that is full of memories with the recipients and conveys the personality of the deceased.Let's think about and talk about the deceased again with those who cared for them.


The event will be held at Riviera Tokyo and Riviera Zushi Marina.



Riviera offers cuisine according to your wishes.Please spend your precious time thinking about and talking about the deceased.

  • Course Meal
  • buffet food
  • Restaurant dinner (private room available)
  • free drink
  • cheers sparkling wine


  • altar flowers, table flowers

    Flower arrangement

    Altar flowers, table flowers, photo decorations, flower offerings

  • Information letter, handwriting

    Printed matter

    Information letter, handwriting

  • Memories panel, live music


    Memories panel, live music, memories video, moderator

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