Please spend a wonderful and memorable day on the anniversary with your loved one. Visitors with children are also welcome.

Private room charge |


* Meals and drinks will be charged separately.

Reception hours |

Saryo Riviera Garden business hours (Closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays)

 Lunch time 11:30 --15:00
         <Last reception 13:00>

 Supper time 17:30 --21:00
         <Last reception 19:00>

Meal plan |

<Lunch> Riviera Set 5,500 yen

<Dinner> ・ White ¥11,000

      ・ Cloud 7,700 yen

Other menu (reservation required) |

・ <For children> Children's udon 660 yen

・ <For children> Kids plate 1,650 yen
  (Omelet rice, corn soup, etc.)

・ <For children> Steak set 6,600 yen
  (Beef steak, pilaf, gratin, etc.)

・ Free drink 2,200 yen
  (Beer / Wine / Whiskey / Soft drinks)

・ Message plate
 We will put your favorite message.
 1 yen per sheet (up to 1,100 characters)

Precautions | Please be sure to read

* All listed prices include tax.
  A 10% service charge will be charged for dinner time only.

* Menus and prices are subject to change without notice.

※ The photograph is an image.

* We may not be able to guide you depending on the availability.

*Private rooms cannot be specified.
  Depending on the situation within the building, we will guide you to one of the rooms.

*If you would like a private room, please make a reservation by phone.

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[Regular holiday] Fire and water
* Reservations may not be accepted on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays due to weddings and other reasons.Please note.