In the Saryo Riviera Garden, works by various artists are exhibited every two months.
Based on the concept of "respecting nature, enjoying the seasons, and enjoying food", please enjoy Japanese cuisine that you can enjoy with all five senses, accompanied by art.
Art on display is also available for purchase.
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(March/April 2024)

Exhibited works

Hiroshi Yamamoto

Four seasons folding screen
Jade on the bag
Fuji early spring
Butterflies on the bush clover
Four seasons folding screen
Cherry Blossom Fuji
Matsugami Fuji
Red dragonfly on the ground
Fuji distant view

Hiroshi Yamamoto

Hiromu Yamamoto/Painter

Born in Fukui Prefecture in 1947. He created woodblock prints with an eye toward Japanese paintings of flowers and birds. He sketches plants, wild birds, and insects, capturing the seasonal beauty that can be seen in everyday life.

1971 Graduated from Tama Art University
1990 3rd Miyako Print Award Exhibition Sponsor Award, solo exhibition (Tama Plaza Tokyu Department Store)
2000 Solo exhibition (Gallery Shin Ginza store), Print Composition 2000 (30 years of Tama Art University prints)
2002: Special selection award at the 5th Kochi International Print Triennale Exhibition
2005 Solo exhibition (Konoha Gallery Kanda) 
2009 Solo exhibition (Konoha Gallery Kanda) 
2010: Lecturer on "Multicolor Woodblock Printing Experience" at Gunma Prefectural Tatebayashi Museum of Art, solo exhibition (Gallery J Machida), Print Composition 2010 (40 years of Tama Art University prints)
2012 Solo exhibition (Ikebukuro Kurihara Gallery, held every year thereafter), Solo exhibition (Gallery Miyasaka Ginza), 57th CWAJ Contemporary Print Exhibition (58,59,61,63, XNUMX, XNUMX, XNUMX)
2013 Solo exhibition (Gallery J Machida)
2015 Selected for Yamamoto Kanae Print Award Exhibition
2016: Selected for the 22nd Kanuma City “Kawakami Sumio Art Museum Woodblock Print Award Exhibition” (24th edition)
2017 Solo exhibition (Yoseido Gallery Ginza)
2018: Received the 17th Minamishimabara City Seminario Contemporary Print Exhibition (18th), received the Saitama Prefecture Governor's Award at the Print Forum 2018, the 62nd CWAJ Contemporary Print Exhibition (selected exhibition, Boston Highfield Hall)
2019 Grand Prize Winner at Print Forum 2019 (Japan-Greece Contemporary Print Exchange Exhibition Piraeus Art Museum), “Chika Woodblock” Exhibition – 50 Years of Tama Art University Woodblock Classroom – (O Museum)
2020 19th Minamishimabara City Seminario Contemporary Print Exhibition Second Prize Winner 
2023 Kanuma City Kawakami Sumio Art Museum Woodblock Print Grand Prize Exhibition Special Jury Prize, 2nd TKO International Mini Print Exhibition Selected, Public Collection Minamishimabara City Art Village Shirakino
Currently a member of the Japan Federation of Artists, residing in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture.