``Cute to look at, delicious to eat, and happy to receive'' icing cookies.
We will decorate the unglazed cookies prepared by the teacher with colorful sugar cream. (Image works are planned)
Made with safe and additive-free ingredients such as cage-free eggs, fermented butter, and natural rock salt, it's perfect for children and as a gift!
It's simple and easy, and even beginners can participate with confidence under the teacher's careful guidance.
Have fun creating your own original cookies.
Comes with a souvenir of unglazed cookies for review.

After the lesson, please enjoy lunch with Mr. Nagashima, who is also the food coordinator.
*Please pay separately for the 3,520 yen set lunch at the store on the day.
As a benefit of the "Workshop with Lunch", we will provide coffee or tea after the meal.

[Date and time]
April 25th Thu. 10:30-12:30 (Reception 10:15)

Riviera Tokyo 

[Lesson fee]
5,000 yen (tax included, material cost included)

Towel and take-home bag (a gusseted paper bag that can hold a 20cm x 20cm box of cookies, or an eco bag)

[Minimum number of participants]
4 people

Ai Nagashima
Certified instructor for icing cookies by the Japan Salonese Association. Food coordinator. She is a mother of two boys, and after her second son developed food allergies, she became interested in natural foods as a way to improve allergies using natural remedies. She learns that you can improve your health through the power of food, and she becomes more and more absorbed in food-related work. Her love grew and she engaged in her current job.
Photos of her sons' (junior high school) bento boxes attracted attention, were featured in famous fashion magazines, and even became a finalist in the International BENTO Competition. She has the experience of having a recreated bento from that time commercialized at Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi.
Currently, he mainly runs local culture schools, workshops, and home lessons.

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