seasonal drinks

A seasonal drink sold for a limited time at Ristorante AO and Malibu Farm.

Ristorante AO Spring limited drink

[Sales period] February 15th Thu. ~April 1st Mon.

・Fiori di Ciliegio
Cocktail 1,400 yen
Non-alcoholic 1,200 yen
We have prepared a cherry blossom cocktail that combines cherry blossom syrup, peach juice, and sparkling wine to make you enjoy the spring mood even more with the gorgeous scent of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom color makes it look like spring, and the non-alcoholic version is decorated with lemon slices, selfie leaves inspired by cherry blossom leaves, and strawberries to create a gorgeous look.

*Fiori di Ciliegio means "cherry blossom" in Italian.

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Malibu Farm limited time drink

[Sales period] January 1st (Holiday/Monday) ~ February 29th Thu. *Excluding February 1st ~ February 14th

・Dark roasted roasted green tea macchiato 1,000 yen (tax included)

Dark roasted roasted green tea macchiato
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