It has been 20 years since Riviera Zushi Marina Wedding opened.
A relaxing wedding at a marina resort where you can feel as if you were overseas♪
Riviera, which emphasizes hospitality, makes it possible!Make your day special with special offers*

50 people: 1,852,675 yen (tax and service charge included)

Wedding period

~2024 October 31st

of people

6 name to 160 name


Limited number of groups available/Cannot be used in conjunction with other plans/Benefit amount varies depending on number of people and products. Applicable to those holding wedding ceremonies and receptions from October 2024st to 31.

  • For more information, please feel free to contact the venue.

What is included in the plan

  • Wedding

  • Cooking / drink

  • Flower arrangement

  • Costume

  • Venue fee

  • Waiting room fee

  • Service charge

  • Beauty dressing

  • gift

  • service charge

  • Others

[Limited time ◎ up to 123 yen special treatment]
・Drink plan one upgrade ・30 yen off venue usage fee・100% off waiting room fee・20 yen off wedding fee
・Costume benefits to choose from ・Hair and makeup rehearsal ・Sound and lighting fees
・Taxi tickets for all guests ・Bus transfer from Kamakura Station


Christian Ceremony / Public Ceremony

Cooking / drink

Free drinks including creative dishes and welcome drinks (beer, whiskey, wine, soft drinks)


Tuxedo, wedding dress 1 piece each

Waiting room fee

Bride and groom waiting room, relatives waiting room, reception waiting room

Venue fee

Poolside or with a terrace!A reception hall where the sea spreads out with an outstanding sense of openness

Beauty dressing

Dedicated professional support according to your preferences!Safe hair and make-up, costume dressing, and help on your way home!

Acoustic lighting

Sound/lighting usage fee

Assistance fee

Dedicated staff will support you from preparation to performance


Patissier special fresh cake

Flower arrangement

Main table, guest table, bouquet & boutonniere



service charge

Total amount of food, cake and drink 10%


Table coordination fee