The Riviera Wedding

Riviera weddings that value "feelings"

The two of us have a special day of a wedding.
The feelings of parents and family who have loved them and raised them so far.
Watching the new departure of both families, the feelings of attendees.
We value that thought and the connection between people.
Draw the heart of each person and snuggle up
Be as entertaining as possible.
Not only fulfill your wishes, but also propose something more wonderful
Leading to even more joyful moments.
We will work together to create a wedding where we can share our happiness.

The Dream of Riviera

From wedding to life partner
Riviera hospitality that keeps proposing rich time

In 1950, since the founding of the restaurant "Hakuunkaku", the predecessor of the Riviera
A hospitality unique to Japan that has been handed down for more than half a century.
And at the prestigious "Riviera Country Club" in Los Angeles, USA
Hospitality that attracts world celebrities.
We build long-term trust with our customers based on these two service spirits
We will continue to be a partner in life that will deliver inspiring experiences.
Riviera Country Club THE RIVIERA COUNTRY CLUB / Since1926

Riviera flagship Riviera Country Club

It was born in Los Angeles, USA, in a valley overlooking the Pacific Ocean in California, with the aim of enjoying life, loving nature, and creating a place where people can gather and talk together. As a venerable country club with courses that are praised as the most beautiful in the world, gentlemen from all over the world are members and many Hollywood stars are also members. The hotel also has a tennis club and weddings for famous people in Japan. The club house in chalk attracts many celebrities from all over the world, making it an upper class social venue.
1250 Capri Drive Pacific Palisades, CA 90272 USA
Phone 310-454-6591 FAX.310-454-8351

Riviera's predecessor, "Shirounkaku"

Tokyo, the predecessor of the Riviera, was born in 1950 in Ikebukuro. In the past, wedding meals were generally in the form of a set meal, but the current course style was devised so that all of the dishes could be eaten while warm. The current style of serving gorgeous and warm dishes while watching the timing of customers' meals has gradually been established over a long history.
HAKUUNKAKU / Since1950

Our Precious Thing

Create emotions to live richly with nature
Creating a healthy and worthwhile lifestyle

After the wedding, we propose various lifestyles.
So that they can have a relaxing and enjoyable time together with their loved ones
Beyond that, we will stay with you.
  • Riviera farm of pesticide-free vegetables

    Riviera farm of pesticide-free vegetables

    Vegetable waste from the restaurant is primarily treated at the compost station in the Riviera Zushi Marina, mixed with the soil of the company's farm and revived as high-quality compost, and the vegetables cultivated and harvested by the employees are re-cultivated and harvested at the wedding restaurant. Since 2006, we have been conducting the "circulation type farming method" used in.As a result, we have achieved "complete recycling of food" in the Riviera Zushi Marina, and contributed to COXNUMX reduction by not carrying food waste by car and burning it.

  • Sustainability Town Riviera Zushi Marina

    Sustainability Town Riviera Zushi Marina

    Since 2012, we have set up "Sustainability Town Riviera Zushi Marina", Japan's first solar power generation on the marina quay, store operation with fully renewable energy, decarbonization enlightenment by popularizing EV, cleaning of public toilets, planting of public roads and parks We are engaged in various activities such as.With the aim of expanding the base of sustainable movements, we are also working on holding events where a wide range of people can enjoy and experience the SDGs.

As a sea professional

Riviera is one of the few sea experts in Japan. We carry out ocean extension activities as part of community service and support for the development of the next generation. At the Riviera Ocean School, an activity that conveys the joy and beauty of the sea to children, through the experience of access dinghies, etc., the next generation will consider the significance of keeping the beautiful blue sea cherished. Is also intended. In the eelgrass nurturing support activities, the number of eelgrass that are disappearing from the sea in Shonan due to land reclamation has been increased, and we have fully cooperated with the Yokosuka Sea Citizens' Conference, a group working on sea restoration. Planting eelgrass seedlings restores the beauty of the sea, providing a place for fish to lay eggs and fry and protect the marine ecosystem. We are also actively working on beach cleanup activities.
As a sea professional

Build a lifetime partnership with customers
"Sincere hospitality" is the basic philosophy of the Riviera

In a rapidly changing world situation, chaos has continued in Japan from various viewpoints such as political economy.
Changes in the industrial structure from a manufacturing country to a service country are also remarkable
There is a growing interest in the hospitality culture that we can be proud of.
The spirit that has been protected since ancient times, where hearts and hearts touch each other and deepen their bonds while giving thanks and affection to each other
It must be carefully handed down to the next generation.
In Japan, the world's most super-aged society,
I think that quality of life (QOL) needs to be improved.
Everyone wants a healthy and worthwhile life.
Providing and providing a variety of resort and club life, valuing the “friends” created from encounters
And by proactively working on environmental issues,
We value the environment and appreciate the warmth of the people and the benefits of nature, and we want to offer a fun time (life) to snuggle up to.
This is the Riviera's wish and mission.
“Value” is something that we actively create.
The "value" for us is to provide the best service unrivaled.
To meet diverse needs as a pioneer in creating excitement
A "lifestyle proposal company" that offers a fulfilling lifestyle.
This is the Riviera Group.

Riviera Co., Ltd.
Chairman and CEO

Noboru Watanabe Chairman and CEO Riviera Corporation

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