FOR THE GUEST For guests

Thank you very much for this wedding.
We will guide you to items that have many questions from customers.

GUEST SPACE Guest space

There are various waiting spaces in the hall, so we will introduce some of them.
Guests can relax and spend their time.

  • Riviera Square
  • It is located at the entrance of the Riviera Zushi Marina.
  • We also accept large luggage storage and delivery (payment only).
  • We also have a locker room so you can change your clothes.

Restaurant & Café Restaurant & Cafe

  • "Restaurant AO Zushi Marina"

    Seaside dining overlooking Mt. Fuji.With the concept of seasonal dishes,
    We provide sophisticated space and cuisine suitable for everyday meals and anniversaries.

  • "Malibu Farm Zushi Marina"

    With the concept of "FRESH, ORGANIC, LOCAL", we offer food that is kind to the body.
    Please spend a relaxing time on the open terrace with a view of Enoshima and Mt. Fuji.

RENTAL CLOTHES Rental costume

Tomesode and morning rentals are available at our affiliated FOUR SIS & CO.
Wedding, partyUp to 1 month agoPlease make a reservation at

Reservation / Contact



Since it is a clothing salon that is open nationwide, you can try it on at your local maison.
For inquiries, please call the store you wish to reserve directly.

DRESSING & HAIR SET Kimono / Hair Makeup

We accept reservations for dressing and hair making for the guests at the bride and groom.

Dressing / hair set

Fee * Prices shown include tax.


Tomesode / Visit 11,000 Yen
Furisode / Visit (decoration) 16,500 Yen

[Hair makeup]

Hair set 7,700 Yen
make 7,700 Yen

Hair accessories (for a fee) are also available, although the design is limited.

<Requests and notes>

  • ・ Kimono, hair set, and make-up for the guests are by appointment only.Please contact the bride and groom at least 14 days before the wedding / party.
  • ・ Please contact us at least 14 days before the wedding / party to add or cancel your reservation.After that, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.
  • ・ Payment will be included in the wedding fee (estimate).
  • ・ Depending on the reservation details, it may be done from the hair set, so please come in front-opening clothes.

<When you send your kimono in advance>

Your luggage will be opened by yourself, so we will keep it as it is.
  • ・ Destination
    Addressed to Riviera Zushi Marina Bridal Salon, 5-23-16 Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa, 249-0008, Japan
  • ・ Items to be stated on the delivery slip
    Please fill in the “ceremony date”, “names of both families” and “name of the person who will be using” and send it to arrive two to three days before the date of use.

PARKING Information on parking area

General parking

You can use the "Zushi Marina Parking Lot (charged)" in the Riviera Zushi Marina.
Those who attend the ceremony / party will be free of charge for up to 8 hours from the time of warehousing.
Please bring your parking ticket to the "Riviera Square Front" on your way home.

Micro / large bus

Please ask for parking space at least 21 days in advance.
Please provide the bus company contact information, vehicle size, bus name or number.

Arrangement: Riviera sightseeing
Bus company: Seaside Transportation Phone.0468-XX-XXXX
Size: Large bus 12m
Number: Yokohama XXX A XX-XX

In addition, there may be vehicle traffic restrictions on the surrounding roads, so please check in advance when using a minibus or large bus.


The cloakroom in Riviera Square will store not only coats but also large luggage such as suitcases.


Wheelchairs and strollers are available free of charge.However, as the number of units is limited, please make a reservation in advance.


We accept courier services (payment only) at the front desk in Riviera Square, so please feel free to tell us.


Although it is not a nursing room, we may be able to provide a nursing space.Please contact the staff near you.


We have changing rooms (for men and women) equipped with lockers (with locks and free of charge) in Riviera Square.


Items left behind in the venue can be stored at the bridal salon on Riviera Square.
The storage period is 3 months.
However, if you find cash or valuables, the nearest
Please note that you will report to the police.

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[Weekdays] 11: 00-18: 00 [Saturday, Sunday and public holidays] 9: 00-19: 00
Tuesdays and Wednesdays (except holidays)

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