The album you requested arrived. Let's brew coffee and open it together. The wedding day is vividly remembered.

The album you requested arrived.
Let's brew coffee and open it together.
The wedding day is vividly remembered.
A friendly road that I went to meetings many times.

Because they love the sea
Decided to this place!

You can see the blue sea. There is a large garden.
And yet, a place that is close to the city and where all family and friends can come.
When I first visited Riviera Zushi Marina,
You were so surprised at our wishes.
After a stroll in Kamakura, take a private shuttle bus, and the smell of the sea will eventually increase.
A wedding meeting was one of the date courses.
Dress up At last production. The moment of dressing in a convinced dress.

My heart beats like I fell in love
The beginning of a special day

His back, nervously nervous, is waiting for me to get ready.
Hey, what are you thinking now?
When you turn around, can you laugh, "I'm beautiful"?

Surprise Proposed
Chapel of memories

It was a sudden event and I was very surprised.
Chapel after dinner at the restaurant.
Large bouquet and engagement ring. Simple but straightforward words.
I'm really happy and I will never forget.
With this chapel proposed that day, I will be a bride.
A wedding rehearsal that relaxes the tension in a warm atmosphere.
My mother downed the veil before entering. Sent out warmly

Blessed by the blue sky and the sea
Admired seaside ceremony

The curtain covering the glass chapel rises all at once.
In front of you, on the right and on the left, a beautiful glowing sea appears.
Both the guests and us are happy and full of heart.
My father, mother and brother both cried and laughed and applauded.
Watching your loved ones and your favorite sea, your smile will overflow.

Twelve Roses Ceremony

Riviera original public ceremony. It is a ceremony where 12 roses from the people who attended helped the two oaths and the ring of happiness with 12 roses. Each rose is filled with gratitude, sincerity, happiness, trust, hope, affection, passion, truth, glory, effort, and eternal respect.
Party Star Party started! To a space that is open like an overseas

The party venue where the sea breeze is comfortable
A lot of openness!

I want the invited guest to enjoy the resort feeling.
Florists who fulfilled such hopes more than expected.
Arrange tropical flowers and leaves and make the table top vivid.
Behind the window is the private pool and garden, and the endless horizon.
Party is exciting, color change time

Change the dress and go to the second chapter of the party

We're really relaxed, right?
We chatted together while walking to recolor.
Blythe room has party theme colors and
Cocktail dresses and bouquets of the same color are available.
What a fun wedding!
open air party Live performance by the pool looking at the sunset

By the pool looking at the sunset
Live production

The most particular part of the wedding was
Cocktail party by the pool.
Candle coordination and dessert buffet.
While watching the sunset surrounded by the smiles of the guests,
I'm really glad I decided here.

Delightful dessert buffet for guests!

Everyone is very excited about the patissier's proud sweets!
The open air dessert buffet is like a foreign movie.
We were free to relax with our guests.
Cute sweets appear in style

A seaside resort we love
The relationship that was born from that and the excitement

The blue sea, the sunshine, the waves, and the sea breeze were all blessings.
Resort wedding inviting many guests.
A dream I thought might not come true
It's nicer and more fun than you can imagine.
The first "Planning Note"
Such our process and thoughts are written.
Let's cherish it with the album.
A visit to the venue where you casually visited
Photos taken in the garden with all the staff.
Everyone smiles at the camera with a relaxed expression.
The place of two memories, Riviera Zushi Marina.
I'm going to see that sea and everyone again.

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