◆ Fair reservation from the official website is advantageous ◆

Best rate guarantee that realizes "I want to fulfill my dream wisely!"
Rather than booking via the ceremony introduction site, ceremony introduction desk, or consultation counter
We show you the most fulfilling benefits.

ス Recommended for these two people /

Introducing the best deals

▼ I want to have a great wedding, but I don't know which ceremony site or ceremony site introduction desk will make the best deal.
▼ I want to have a wedding abroad or in a resort area such as Okinawa, but the budget is difficult.
▼ I want to have a wedding but I'm worried about my budget and it's hard to tell my partner.
▼ I want to have a wedding before my child is born with a congratulations marriage, but I'm worried that the meeting will be in time.
▼ I want to spend my honeymoon and new life.
▼ I want to have a wedding without compromise.

Best rate guarantee is born from such two voices!
It is a fair reservation privilege from the official website!

Reservation of fair is this

What is the Best Rate Guarantee?

If you book a bridal fair directly from the official website, we promise the most fulfilling benefits in terms of wedding expenses!
"I don't know which site to make a reservation from" The best rate guarantee of Riviera Zushi Marina was born from such a customer's voice, it is limited to customers who made a reservation directly from the official website, and it is directly related to the hospitality of the guest. We will inform you about the benefits.
Please come to the bridal fair by all means.
* We may propose a great plan that suits the number of people.Please contact us for more information to staff.

[Best rate guarantee]
\ Official HP limited luxury 5 major benefits /

Benefit ①: Venue usage fee 30 yen OFF
Benefit ②: 100% OFF waiting room fee
Benefit ③: 20 yen off wedding fee
Benefit ④: Up to 41 yen off on costumes

Applicable period: Applicable to weddings until the end of June 2024.

* Only for fairs and tour reservations from the official website.
* Please note that this site cannot be used in combination with the benefits of this site.
* Please contact the staff for the details of the benefits.

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In addition, we also offer season plans according to your desired time.