A dish that uses seasonal ingredients and makes full use of Japanese techniques inherited from the restaurant "Hakuunkaku".
Enjoy a dinner with an important person while watching the private garden.

Wind ~ KAZE ~
[Shiraunkaku-Riviera 70th Anniversary Course]

* Reservation required by the day before *

◆ appetizer
Steamed seafood / Tosa vinegar jelly / Smoked duck and inca potato salad / Spring vegetable color

◆ Soup and sashimi
Turnip soup / Yuzu / Seasonal fresh fish

◆ Onna
Assorted Tempura (Kakiage of White Shrimp / Wakasagi / Lotus Root / Rape / Marju / Kyoto Ginseng Fried) / Sirloin Steak / Grated with Ikura

◆ rice
Nigiri sushi / red soup

◆ Dessert
Patissier original

* The content is left to the chef and is only an example.

《Reservation required by the day before》 6,000 yen (excluding tax)

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(Advanced / made)

(Tempura / meat dishes / appetizer / cooked rice / soup)

1 meals a day only 10 yen (excluding tax)

Reservation of garden-NIWA-is here

If you make a reservation for "cloud" and "garden" by the day before
You can enjoy pot rice cooked one pot at a time

※ "Wind" requires reservation by the day before