In a calm private room, you can spend your time wishing for the healthy growth of your child.
Celebrate the first meal at Riviera Tokyo, where families can easily gather with a parking lot.

Lunch: Cooking 5,500 yen / 7,700 yen Private room charge 5,500 yen
Dinner: Cooking 7,700 yen / 11,000 yen Private room charge 5,500 yen

First meal 1,650 yen
With sea bream tail 11,000 yen

Children's menu:
Udon 660 yen
Omelet rice 1,650 yen
Kids plate 3,850 yen (omelet rice, hamburger steak, etc.)
Steak set 6,600 yen (beef steak, pilaf, gratin, etc.)

* A separate service charge will be charged for dinner.
*We are unable to provide denture stones.
*Reservations for private rooms are only accepted by phone.

[Recommended option]

Location photo

Taken at a photo spot in the hall
10 cuts of data will be delivered on CD-R
(Time required about 30 minutes)



We accept consultation on color
For the latest reservation, we will leave it to you.

5,500 yen ~

All listed prices include tax

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