The Riviera Resort Club holds hands-on sessions upon request.
Experience a quality club life that values ​​your membership.

Venues and fees

Conducting marina

Riviera Zushi Marina

Experience fee

1 yen (excluding tax) for 2 people per set
* Additional 1 yen per person (excluding tax) / Maximum of 5,000 people per group

See access information for Riviera Zushi Marina

Apply for a trial session

Apply for a trial session

Contents / Schedule

10:00 Meeting

Come to the clubhouse of Riviera Zushi Marina.

See access information for Riviera Zushi Marina

10:30 Club boat boarding experience

Enjoy cruising and maneuvering experience on a large yacht and boat, each boat.

12:30 Lunch on the ocean view terrace

Ristorante AO Lunch while watching the sea on the terrace of Zushi Marina.

14: 30 ending

After lunch, visit other club boats and facilities and end.

Information for enrollment

Please check the enrollment flow and membership fees from the following page.

See the membership guidance

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