"Riviera Resort Club" is a full membership system that proposes ways to enjoy a richer life.
Including four marinas and club lounges in the resort area,
With a restaurant and cafe, banquet hall and event venue, you can enjoy the best club life.
Experience the Riviera Hospitality, cultivated in tradition and style.


Greetings from the manager

What we want to suggest is a time to feel the real richness. In addition to using the wide variety of facilities on the Riviera, we strive to provide hospitality that will deepen the bond between members and accompanying guests. To snuggle up with each person and lead to more excitement than he or she wants. That is the Riviera service style.

Riviera Resort Club
Manager Toru Inuzuka


Club life unique to the Riviera Resort Club

From marine leisure, outdoor activities, sports, events, to exclusive chef dishes,
We have prepared services and plans to meet all members' needs.

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Concierge service

At the Riviera Resort Club, a dedicated concierge will assist you in planning leisure activities according to your wishes.For example, in the case of cruising, we can not only arrange the ship, but also suggest how to play, dispatch the crew, cater on the ship, book accommodations and meals at the port of arrival, all with confidence.


Club Boat

Riviera Zushi Marina, Riviera Seabornia Marina as home port,
We have a lineup of a variety of first-class domestic and foreign ships.

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Club Lounge

The Marina has a club lounge for members.
It can also be used as a place to chat with guests.

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If you would like to request materials for the Riviera Resort Club, please apply here.

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