If you are considering joining the Riviera Resort Club,
Please check the following and contact us.

How to join

1. Submission of membership application form → 2. Enrollment examination → 3. Transfer of membership fee → 4. Membership card issuance

Enrollment fee and annual fee

Member type

Admission fee

Annual fee

Premier member (permanent)

1,500 million yen

100 million yen

Gold member (permanent)

750 million yen

50 million yen

Gold member (5 years)

200 million yen

200 million yen (including the fee for club boats and trial boats)

  • All rates are exclusive of tax.

Club boat fee

For 5-year members, the club membership fee is included in the annual membership fee.
Lagoon 440 is only available to members of Premier and above.

Boat classification

Home port

Boat type

Size / capacity

Usage fee (1 day)

ヨ ッ ト


Lagoon 440

44ft / 30 people

88,000 yen / 1 day

ボ ー ト


Kuranki 43 Eco Trawler

43ft / 15 people

43,000 yen / 1 day

  • All prices are exclusive of tax.

Trial boat fee

For 5-year members, the annual membership fee includes a trial boat fee.

Boat classification

Home port

Boat type

Size / capacity

Usage fee (1 day)

ボ ー ト


Toyota Ponam 28G

28ft / 12 people

28,000 yen / 1 day

ボ ー ト


Yamaha 24 Siesta

24ft / 10 people

12,000 yen / 1 day

  • The above price list is as of November 2019.

  • All prices are exclusive of tax.

Staff dispatch fee


35,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 day


25,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 day

Round trip fee

If you use the ship from a place other than the home port, you will be charged a round trip fee.

Beahual case
10,000 yen (excluding tax) / 1 time
Actual fuel cost
(Riviera Zushi Marina @ Riviera Seabornia Marina)

  • Riviera Zushi Marina 回 For round trips to places other than the Riviera Seabornia Marina, please contact us separately.

  • If you apply for staff dispatch (captain), there is no round-trip fee, but the fuel cost required for transportation will be borne by the actual cost.

Marine base usage fee

During the summer season, marine bass is available at the Riviera Seabornia Marina.
The marine base is a base installed in the sea, and all the following marine items can be used during the time.

2 hours / 1 time Reservation required

Adult 3,000 yen (excluding tax)
Primary schoolchild 1,500 yen (excluding tax)

* Infants under elementary school age can be accompanied by one child per adult.

Marine items

Marine base, dinghy, sea kayak, jet ski, wakeboard,
Banana board, stand-up paddle board, hobby cat, marine athletic

Usage fee for other facilities

Riviera Zushi Marina


Riviera Seabornia Marina
club house


Riviera Seabornia Marina

Free for up to 4 people ※

* If you use more than 5 people, please contact us.


If you would like to request materials for The Riviera Resort Club, you can apply here.

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