To commemorate your graduation, we propose a day to remember. There are also plans for alcohol-free and children.

Number of people

Course plan 20 people ~
Buffet plan 30 people ~


Recommended plan

▼ Budget for one person 7,810 yen
[Cooking] Standard buffet plan 5,500 yen per person
[Drink] Soft drink free 1,100 yen per person
[Service] 660 yen per person
[Seating fee] 550 yen per person

Casual and casual buffet style.
We also sell alcohol.

  • The list price is tax-inclusive price.
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About meal plan

You can customize dishes and drinks with your favorite combination.
If you would like a combination other than the above recommended plans,
Please refer to "How to make a party plan" below and contact us directly.

How to make a party plan

Cooking menu

[5,500 yen standard buffet]
Seasonal Bruschetta / Including Kamakura Ham / Roast Beef
Vegetable vegetable chef salad / fresh fish carpaccio / whitebait tortilla pizza
Fried chicken / Assorted fries / Broiled beef BBQ sauce Garlic rice
Flyer sushi / 2 kinds of pasta / Assorted dessert

* The menu is an example. Subject to change depending on the season and number of people. Please note.


Plan usage time is 2 hours (between 10:00 and 21:00). If the time is extended, an extension fee will be required.

  • Available venues vary depending on conditions. Please feel free to contact us.

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