Riviera Wedding Only Anniversary Plan

Anniversary Plan

For those who have a wedding on the Riviera
We have prepared a plan for you to spend a commemorative time.
Combine plans as you like
On the family canvas
Why don't you draw new memories?

Have a commemorative moment at the Restaurante AO Zushi Marina

Ristorante AO
Anniversary Plan

All seats have ocean views to enjoy the season and enjoy fresh local ingredients
Forget about everyday life and have a commemorative moment at "Restaurant AO Zushi Marina"


2 people 11,000 yen
* 1 yen per additional person

■ Benefits
Service for 1 child accompanied by a child plate

* All listed prices include tax
* 10% service charge will be added.


From 2 yen for 26,400 people
* From 1 yen per additional person

■ Selectable benefits (please select one from the following)
・ Change the course dessert to 8 cm of seasonal fruit tart
・ Preserved flower arrangement gift

* All listed prices include tax
* 10% service charge will be added.

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A memorable moment at the cameraman's favorite spot

Anniversary Photo Plan

A blissful resort that you can meet in about an hour from the city center
Shape the irreplaceable present at the Riviera Zushi Marina.

Riviera Zushi Marina photographer will guide you to a special spot

■ Rates

33,000 yen (tax included)

■ What is included

・ 50 cuts (30 minutes)
・ Handing over as data

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A movie-like scene in a location unlike Japan

Anniversary Movie Plan

A photographer who knows all about Riviera Zushi Marina
Delivering a movie-like scene that makes you want to project it on the screen

A safe plan left to professional photographers from direction to BGM insertion

■ Rates

55,000 yen (tax included)

■ What is included

・ Shooting time 30-40 minutes
・ Finished video 2.5 to 3 minutes

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