"Urban Forest" Riviera Tokyo, surrounded by lush greenery and trees, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
We have a venue that can be used for a variety of purposes.One of the attractions is the courtyard, which retains the remnants of a Japanese garden from the time of the restaurant.
In addition to 3 ceremonial halls and 6 party venues, we have a large number of private rooms that can be used as waiting rooms for cast members.
All venues face the garden in the urban forest, and if you open the windows, a refreshing breeze will flow.The outside and the inside are integrated to create a safe and secure space.
The event planner who has arranged the shooting results of many media will coordinate according to the customer's request.


Garden forest

From the dedicated entrance to the forest surrounded by beautiful greenery
Natural yet stylish

If you proceed to the dedicated gate, you will be invited to the forest that leads to the back with a comfortable relaxing space.Adjacent to the vast terrace where the symbol tree sways in the wind, the sound of water from the waterfall, and the abundant nature that makes you feel like an extraordinary open city.The indistinguishable layout of the outside and the interior allows you to fully feel the nature without obstructing the lush greenery of the trees.


Palisades Terrace

Surrounded by the refreshing breeze and sunshine
An open scene

Decorated in the image of a luxury California residential area, it is a natural and modern venue that incorporates resort chic elements.At the end of the spacious wooden deck terrace where the greenery sways in the wind, the eastern house looks like a scene at an overseas resort.Even during daytime with soft natural light, you can use the green and lighting to create dramatic nighttime shots.


French blue

Equipped with an open kitchen
Mediterranean French Riviera style

Carpets with refreshing dajour blue and white wooden walls with a calm look create an adult resort space.It is also ideal for shooting in the open kitchen.You can see the evergreens from the attached balcony, and you can shoot scenes regardless of the season.

The venue based on shining white
An almighty space that looks great in any scene

The clean and pure white venue matches a variety of coordination.Also for dramatic scenes using the stairs at the entrance.Lighting of the latest equipment such as downlights from high ceilings and projection mapping are also available, and a gorgeous production is realized.



When you go through the beautiful mosaic stairs
Trip to a jazz bar in NY

Full-scale jazz live is held regularly, and the piano is always available.A chandelier with crystals and a sofa made of soft materials will help you create a chic scene in a relaxed and modern space.


Ray Landy

Brilliant green by the window in the gorgeous interior
In a well-balanced and calm atmosphere

A space surrounded by warm trees with a large window that fills the entire wall and overflows with light.The rose-colored carpet and gorgeous lighting create a luxurious atmosphere and are also recommended for party scenes.Since the monitor is also permanently installed, it can be used for serious situations such as press conferences and meetings.


Chapel Blanc Sur

Filled with soft natural light
A transparent chapel

A stand-alone chapel where the sun shines through a large glass window.The pure tone of the pipe organ echoes on the high ceiling, creating a moving scene.


Ann's house

100 years old antiques live
Country chapel

The bench, which has been used in English churches for over 100 years, and antiques in every corner of the venue, create a chic and warm space.The gentle light that shines down from the altar is one of the productions.It also matches a tense and solemn scene.



Old-fashioned and elegant
A shrine with traditional Japanese beauty

It is a temple that enshrines the god of Ise Jingu, which controls all clothing, food, and shelter.The magnificent shrine built by a skilled shrine carpenter without using a single nail is now extremely rare.


Entrance & lobby

From the chalk mansion surrounded by greens
You will be led to the lobby where you can feel the warmth of wood

The main entrance of Riviera Tokyo, a “urban forest” that makes you forget the hustle and bustle even though it is located in the city center of Ikebukuro.When you pass through the white mansion, you will be greeted by a lobby that makes you feel the warmth of soft wood.The seasonal coordination by the florist is also attractive.


Oak lounge

Overlooking the terrace
Open and deep lounge

A spacious lounge with no walls to the corridor and overlooking the beautiful green terrace.The luxurious space with plenty of oak creates a calm atmosphere with a natural yet deep setting.


Guest room

A private room suitable for dining and restaurant scenes
As a waiting room for performers, you can relax while looking at the garden.

Forest Court (12-a), Rosemary (12-b), Freesia (12-c), Jasmine (12-d), Lilac (12-e), Angelica (12-f)


Private room

It can be used as a waiting room for the performers, or it can be a picture for the preparation scene.
Private room

The French blue waiting room is the same as the adult resort space in the venue.The Garden Forest and Palisades anterooms are designed with depth in mind, creating a simple and calm impression.All waiting rooms are in the building, so you can secure a smooth flow.

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