About Ikebukuro area

A 5-minute walk from Ikebukuro, the terminal station. In 1950, more than half a century since the birth of the predecessor restaurant "Hakuunkaku",
We have continued to connect people and people with the taste of hospitality and tradition.
An urban resort where you can spend your time shaking trees, blowing in a comfortable breeze and staying in the city without having to stretch your shoulders and elbows.
We will continue to evolve so that you can spend the best time.


Wedding hall

A style based on two concepts, full of party and live feeling in open air
The concept is a wedding where you can enjoy activities freely, intimately and relaxed by incorporating activities.
The beautiful forest that spreads in front of you, the light that pours in, and the pleasant breeze are all
Invite your guests to a day full of surprises and joy.

Riviera Tokyo



A dish to enjoy all five senses. A venue full of individuality. Quality service.
Various banquets, conferences and parties can be accommodated depending on the use and number of people.
Experienced event planners carefully ask customers' requests,
Produce the ideal banquet. Please spend a high-grade quality time by all means.

Riviera Tokyo


Saryo -Riviera Garden-

Inherited the taste of tradition from the predecessor, the restaurant "Hakuunkaku"
Japanese food full of the blessings of nature
Please enjoy yourself in the space where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city

Saryo -Riviera Garden-

Flower & Plants

Florist, who also handles weddings, will deliver flowers to your room

Color your room at the online shop


General Inquiries

Riviera Tokyo

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