It was built in 1964 as the yacht stadium for the Tokyo Olympics.

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Yotto Harbor

Yacht Harbor

We also have facilities such as temporary mooring/landing, repair shop, washing machine rental, power supply, refueling, and crane equipment. Yacht races in the waters near Enoshima Yacht Harbor, where the climate is mild throughout the year, are held more than 1 times a year, centering on the All Japan Championships such as Laser, 470, and Snipe.

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yacht house

yacht house

Yacht House

The current yacht house (management office) is a rebuilt building from the first yacht house built in 1964.As a base for local marine sports, we propose ways to enjoy the sea.In addition to being used by people who love the sea and yachts, please use it as a place of relaxation for tourists and local residents.

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sailing center

sailing center

Sailing Center

The center in the Enoshima Yacht Harbor is a steel-frame structure with three floors above ground.In addition to being equipped with a boat maintenance room, a sea observation room, and a multi-purpose room that can be used for meetings and athlete training, it is also used as a training base for junior athletes.In an emergency, the tsunami evacuation deck installed on the roof will be opened.

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Facilities around Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Surrounding facilities

Around Facilities

From the promenade that protrudes into Sagami Bay, you can overlook the sea of ​​Enoshima, and the center promenade that leads to the promenade is also recommended as a short walking course.It also has facilities that everyone can enjoy, such as a tide pool and turban island.

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Japan's leading yacht harbor ideal for competitions

Enoshima Yacht Harbor, located on the east side of the scenic spot "Enoshima" in the northeastern part of Sagami Bay, was developed as a yacht stadium for the Tokyo Olympics in 1964. Since then, numerous yacht races have been held as a pioneer of public yacht harbors. It has contributed to the spread of yacht activities in Japan.In addition, the second sailing competition was held here again in conjunction with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

A new role for yacht harbors

Rather than closed yacht harbors, center promenade, turban shell islands, tide pools, sea fishing plazas, etc. serve as yacht harbors that play a "new role" as an open and relaxing place where everyone can enjoy sharing the scenery. Well maintained.

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Role as a place where people who love the sea can gather

In addition to all services related to ships and cruising, such as a repair shop that keeps the ship in good condition, a yacht pro shop, lockers and changing rooms, the facility also has large and small conference rooms that can be used for meetings, and is located at the center promenade entrance. Communication support is substantial, such as cafe restaurants that can be used.

Equipment outline

Facility overview

Yotto Harbor

Yacht storage area: 28,000㎡
Yacht anchorage area: 29,000㎡

cruiser yard

Mooring berth: 96 boats (including 12 visitor boats)
Land berth: 63 boats

dinghy yard

Land berth: 972 boats (including 206 visitors boats)

yacht house

Ship gear lockers, shower rooms, cafes, marine shops, meeting rooms, offices, sailing centers (management bases for large and small yacht races, etc.)

Vessel wharf

Land area: 75,000㎡
Quay (2,000t class): 1 berth


Floating bridge (power supply and water supply equipment), yacht yard water supply equipment, dinghy slope, vertical equipment (25t/3t), repair shop, fueling facility

Green space, etc.

North green area, central green area, west green area, south green area, center promenade, tide pool, rest building, sea fishing square

Prefectural paid parking lot

Parking lot: 320 units
Large bus: 5

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