You can download application forms and usage reports for various facilities. (PDF/Word)
Application forms are also available at the front desk.

[1] Application form for Shonan Port dinghy yacht storage facility users

PDF download/338KB

[2] Temporary mooring/landing facility usage approval application form

*If you are applying for multiple boats, please submit it together with [16] Landing / mooring facility usage approval application breakdown table.

PDF download/143KB
Word download/19KB

[3] Rinko Road Attached (Bus) Parking Lot Application Form

PDF download/184KB
Word download/464KB

【4】Shonan Port facility off-hours entry report

PDF download/70KB
Word download/20KB

[5] Notification of accommodation in Shonan Port facilities

PDF download/70KB
Word download/20KB

[6] Mooring boat/landing boat temporary removal notification

PDF download/15KB
Word download/20KB

[7] Notification of holding competitions, etc.

PDF download/126KB

[8] Notification of temporary use of Shonan Port

PDF download/70KB
Word download/18KB

[9] Application for Approval of Land Facility Use

PDF download/26KB
Word download/17KB

[10] Mooring Facility Use Approval Application Form

PDF download/26KB
Word download/17KB

[11] Facility usage fee exemption application form

PDF download/44KB
Word download/21KB

[12] Notification of change of usage approval matters, etc.

PDF download/17KB

[13] Boat change notification and pledge

PDF download/83KB
Word download/24KB

[14] Notification of abolishment of use of moored boats and landed boat facilities

PDF download/15KB
Word download/21KB

[15] Notification of temporary use of Shonan Port (for photography)

PDF download/130KB
Word download/467KB

[16] Land/mooring facility usage approval application form breakdown table

PDF download/55KB
Excel download/20KB

[17] Joint user change (addition) notification

PDF download/83KB
Excel download/36KB

[18] Co-user withdrawal consent form

PDF download/43KB
Excel download/11KB

Bath availability information

ship type

Boat size, restrictions, etc.

Recruitment status

Dinghy yacht (land)

5.10m x 1.80m or less

with Us

Cruiser yacht (land)

7.6m x 3.0m or less

No recruitment

Cruiser yacht (moored)

11.0m or less x 3.5m or less

No recruitment

10.0m or more and 13.0m or less x 3.5m or less

No recruitment

11.0m or more and 14.0m or less x 4.0m or less

No recruitment

Ship gear locker vacancy information



empty quantity

Large (H660 x W1320 x D760)

Annual: 15,600 yen
1 day: 510 yen

About 70 / 441

Medium size (H480 x W1140 x D760)

Annual: 10,360 yen
1 day: 300 yen

About 40 / 204

Small (H660 x W420 x D450)

Annual: 5,230 yen
1 day: 200 yen

About 30 / 123




[Phoneephone reception]
Normal period (September to June) 9:6 to 8:30
Summer season (July-August) 7:8-8:00

[Regular holiday]
open every day of the year