Enoshima Yacht Harbor

It is an open harbor with facilities such as the center promenade, turban shell island, sea fishing plaza, etc. as a place for everyone to enjoy.
There are also facilities for ship maintenance such as cranes, refueling, and repair shops.
The spacious dinghy berth is used by many people throughout the year, such as Laser, 470, and Snipe.

Ship mooring/storage scale

A cruiser yard with 96 mooring berths (including 12 visitors) and 60 land berths
A dinghy yard with 972 berths (including 206 visitors).

Yotto Harbor

Floating bridge (cruiser mooring)

boat yard

Boat yard (cruiser landing)

dinghy yard

Dinghy Yard (Dinghy Yacht Landing)

Facilities and equipment

Riviera Boat Maintenance Factory

Riviera Boat Maintenance Factory

We support maintenance such as engine maintenance, consumables replacement, and ship bottom painting that is essential for moored boats for boat owners of Enoshima Yacht Harbor.
(engine maintenance / yacht outfitting maintenance / dinghy maintenance / electrical equipment maintenance / generator maintenance / new outfitting work / woodwork work / FRP work / hull repair and painting / bottom painting / hull cleaning and polishing)

Opening hours

09:00 - 18:00

Closing days


Upper and lower rack equipment

Upper and lower rack equipment

We have installed cranes for lifting and lowering large dinghys.Depending on the shape of the mast, some ships cannot be lifted.Please contact us in advance.




[Phoneephone reception]
Normal period (September to June) 9:6 to 8:30
Summer season (July-August) 7:8-8:00

[Regular holiday]
open every day of the year