Facility usage hours

facility gate

normal period

8:00 ~ 18:00

Golden Week / Saturdays and Sundays in May and June / July and August

7:30 ~ 19:00

Reception counter

normal period

8:30 - 17:00

Golden Week / Saturdays and Sundays in May and June / July and August

8:00 - 18:00

*Please complete the procedure when the reception desk is open.

Business Day Calender

About use of rental meeting room

Rental Meeting Room

You can use the rental meeting room of the public marina "Enoshima Yacht Harbor".
Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a rental space or if you are thinking about event planning.

*Please see the "Rental Conference Room" page for details on usage fees.
* User registration of the e-KANAGAWA facility reservation system is required in advance to make a reservation from the website.

Click here for details on rental conference rooms
Click here for the e-kanagawa facility reservation system

Using changing rooms and showers

Changing room


Hot water shower room

1 times 220 yen

*The locker with a key in the shower room is for shower users only.
*Please apply at the front desk.
*Please refrain from using the service without payment.

Use of ship gear lockers


Please use it when you put ship equipment or large luggage.
(A usage application is required for use.)

※There is also a one-day rental.


yearly rental

day rental

Large (H660 x W1320 x D760)

15,600 Yen

510 Yen

Medium size (H480 x W1140 x D760)

10,360 Yen

300 Yen

Small (H660 x W420 x D450)

5,230 Yen

200 Yen

*If you lose your key, please let the front desk know.

Yacht harbor paid service

High-pressure washing machine

3,670 yen (1 boat within 2 hours)

Boat usage fee
(for sailing cruisers)

Boat in port: 5,240 yen / day
Temporary boat: 10,470 yen / day

Power supply cord rental

200 Yen


10 yen / piece
* Color copy: 40 yen / sheet ・ FAX: 20 yen / sheet

Disposal of ship equipment

Please inquire at the front desk.

Rock ice 300 yen Ice plate 400 yen


1,020 Yen


1,020 yen (1 work within 30 minutes)

Life jacket

300 Yen

* Price including tax

About the use of parking lot

Shonan Port Rinko Road Attached Parking Lot


320 regular cars / 5 large cars

Utilization time

Whole year 5: 00-21: 30

Vehicle classification

Fee / hour

The maximum amount


150 Yen

General users: 750 yen (over 4 hours and up to 1 day)
Harbor users: 410 yen (more than 2 hours and up to 1 day)

Ordinary car

300 Yen

General users: 1,500 yen (over 4 hours and up to 1 day)
Harbor users: 830 yen (more than 2 hours and up to 1 day)

Large Vehicle

620 Yen

General users: 3,100 yen (over 4 hours and up to 1 day)
Harbor users: 1,670 yen (more than 2 hours and up to 1 day)

・Port users are those who use the Enoshima Yacht Harbor for meeting rooms in the yacht harbor or for yacht parking and mooring.
 Please bring your parking ticket to the yacht house front before leaving the parking lot.We will stamp your parking ticket.
 Parking tickets without stamps are not eligible for port user discounts.

・[Those who have a handicapped person's certificate, "Kanagawa prefecture EV/FCV certified guard"]
 <Kamome parking lot>
 After contacting us from the telephone of the exit payment machine and presenting your notebook, etc., we will halve the fare after confirmation. (Half price of the above fee, rounded down to less than 10 yen)
 *Valid only for those who can confirm the person and the notebook in advance
 <Parking lot attached to Shonan port harbor road>
 Please present your parking ticket and notebook to the yacht house front desk.We will stamp your parking ticket.

・Vehicles with a height of 2.5m or more are treated as large vehicles.

・Maximum of 5 bus spaces can be reserved. If you are parking a microbus or large bus, we will prepare a parking space for you.
 Please send your application form by email between 2 months and 21 days in advance.
 Email address: e-harbor@riviera.co.jp
(You can use the "Rinko Road Attached (Bus) Parking Lot Usage Application Form" on the application download page.)
 For same-day reservations, please call to confirm before coming. (Subject to availability depending on availability)

・Camping cars cannot use the parking lot.

・Please note that the stamp cannot be stamped if the parking ticket is wet or bent.

 About accommodation (ordinary car) parking
 The starting point is 0:1 midnight, and the unit is one day.
 1st day 18:00 - 0:00 Over 4 hours 1,500 yen
 2nd day 00:00-5:00 (opening time) or later Leaving the parking lot Over 4 hours 1,500 yen
                       Total 250000 yen
*You cannot enter or leave the parking lot from 9:30 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Use for shooting

If you would like to take pictures in the Enoshima Yacht Harbor, please submit "Shonan Port Temporary Use Notification (Photographing)" and "Photographing materials" to the management office in advance.

Documents to be submitted
 1. "[15] Shonan Port Temporary Use Notification (Photography)" specifying the necessary items
 2. Documents that show the content of the shoot, such as proposals
 *We also accept inquiries by email.
  Email address: pr-enoshima@riviera.co.jp
・Be sure to include your contact information (mobile phone number) as we may need to confirm the contents.
・Please be sure to contact us if you change the shooting date or cancel the shooting.
・Please contact the management office after shooting.

shooting area
・A place within the facility or building that does not interfere with security or ship operation and that is deemed appropriate by the management office.
・In principle, entry into the harbor is prohibited.
 *For details, please check the "Photographable Map".
・Please refrain from taking photos that identify ships and people in the harbor and publish them.

Shooting time
・It will be from 6:00 to 22:00.
・Please contact us in advance regarding use outside the front desk business hours.In addition, it is necessary to submit "[4] Shonan Port Overtime Entry Notification".
・Please check the closing time before using the parking lot.
・Regarding each application form (notification), you can download it from the Shonan Port website "Application form download", so please use it.

When booking facilities such as conference rooms separately
・Please pay the fee at the front desk before use.If you use it after hours, please pay during the front desk business hours.
・If the shooting date and time are changed, or if the shooting is canceled, please complete the procedures for the meeting room, etc.Please refrain from canceling on the day.

Please contact us in advance for shooting with a drone, shooting using rails, etc.
*You may be required to submit required documents.Also, we may not be able to accept your request.

Shootable map
Click here for various application documents
Click here for photography inquiries

About the use of the sailing center

Enoshima Sailing Center

Reservations for conference rooms, etc. are accepted from the 2st of two months in advance, except for priority reservations for yacht competitions, etc.

  1. When used for yacht competition-related events, training, educational activities, public awareness, boat maintenance, and other activities related to yacht competition

  2. Those who have received approval to use mooring or mooring of ships at Enoshima Yacht Harbor on the date of use of the conference room, etc., or those who are expected to receive such approval.

  3. Other cases where the governor deems it particularly necessary (those who fall under 1, 2, and 3 can use it.)

About visitor use

ヨ ッ ト

If you wish to temporarily moor, please be sure to contact the management office by phone (Phone 0466-22-2128).
At that time, please let us know your home marina, ship name, scheduled mooring date (time), ship length, and contact information.Please contact the management office after arrival. (Advance reservation is not possible.)

Temporary use may not be available due to competitions, events, etc., or may not be able to depart due to strong wind and wave warnings and warnings issued by the Japan Meteorological Agency.You can download various application documents such as the departure notice from here.

Click here for various application documents

Temporary land placement

1. Visitor arrival procedure flow

Please enter the port at the administration office before entering the gate.
When you enter the gate, you will be given a "port entry permit." Please put it on the dashboard of the car where you can see it from the outside.
Once you have completed the reception, enter the gate, park your car at the place designated by the staff, prepare the ship, load and unload your luggage, etc.

* When driving in the facility, please strictly observe the slow speed (pedestrian speed).Thank you for your cooperation in safe driving.

2. Parking lot

When you are ready, move the car to the parking lot immediately.
If you have a trailer, please move only your car to the parking lot. (The trailer may not be recognized by the parking sensor and may damage the bar. If you damage the bar, you will be required to compensate for the damage.)

3. Apply

Please complete the usage application at the front desk. (When leaving the ship, please also submit a "departure declaration".)

4. Wear a life jacket

Be sure to wear a life jacket when leaving the boat and operate safely.

* When boarding a small boat, you are obliged to wear a life jacket (with a cherry blossom mark) that conforms to national safety standards.
*Life jackets are available for rent at the front desk. (paid)

5.Declaration of return

Please report your return as soon as possible after returning to the port.

6.Return of Port Entry Permit

Just like when entering the port, put the car in the gate and load the ship at the designated place.Please return the "Port Entry Permit" to the staff before you leave.

Landing/mooring fee table

maintaining order in the yacht harbor

1. In the yacht harbor:
・Use of fire for fishing, swimming, barbecues, etc.
・Bringing in fragile items such as dangerous items, bottles, and glasses
・Riding around by car, motorcycle, kickboard, skateboard, etc.
・Parking the car for a long time
The above is prohibited, so please do not do it.

2. Please be sure to notify the front desk if you intend to enter the yacht harbor with a vehicle, such as when loading or unloading a boat.In addition, please work quickly and leave promptly.

3. Aisles and ramps are areas used by many people.Never leave the trestle or boat unattended.In addition, please do not outfit or wait for the wind on the slope, as it will cause inconvenience to other people who are about to depart.

4. The dinghy pontoon is a shared space, so please respect each other's use.As for the second pontoon, please use the "leeward side" for dinghies and the "windward side" for powered boats such as tenders and inflatable boats.

5. When the boat is kept at the berth, we will carry out normal patrol inspections and emergency measures such as emergencies, but basically you are responsible for managing your own boat.When a typhoon is approaching, please check the storage condition of the boat and take measures against stormy weather such as reinforcing the rope.Also, if you accidentally damage the facilities or damage other boats, please report it immediately.

6. Regarding disposal of garbage, please put small amounts of combustible garbage, cans, and PET bottles separately in the designated trash cans.There is a charge for all other garbage.Please ask the front desk.

7. As a public harbor, please try to maintain a good environment so that users can use it comfortably.The management office does not take any responsibility for accidents or thefts in the facility.

Prevention of accidents at sea

1. At our harbor, we mainly instruct dinghys to "Be careful when leaving the boat" or "Do not leave the boat" by displaying streamers.The guidelines for hoisting are as follows.

・"Caution for leaving the boat" = Yellow streamer display: The sea surface condition is getting worse.Or when deterioration is expected.
・"Do not leave the boat" = Displaying a red streamer: When warnings, warnings, etc. are issued, or when the sea surface condition deteriorates.

In addition to the above, if a tsunami warning or major tsunami warning is issued, the following streamers will be displayed.
・Red and white pattern: There is a danger of a tsunami, so evacuate to high ground or boats that are on the sea and do not have time to climb high ground should evacuate offshore.

*The above streamers are displayed on the so-called "Harbor Mizzen Mast" on the southeast side of the harbor.
"Harbor Mizzen Mast" can also be seen from the live camera footage.

2. Always wear a life jacket when leaving port.Also, if you forget your life jacket, we have rental items available at the front desk, so please let us know.

3. The sailing area around Enoshima Yacht Harbor has several dangerous spots, so please be careful and stay away from this area.
・Around fixed nets (including small fixed nets)
・Near Koshiechizen Tetra and Enoshima Embankment Tetra
・Enoshima Yacht Harbor Shonan Port Lighthouse (white lighthouse) and near the tip of the quay of the ship (there is a reef called Kamone, and fishing lines may be stretched by anglers near the tip of the breakwater.)
・Around Higashihama Beach in the summer and around the “Wakame Net” set up off the coast of Koshigoe in the winter

4. In the event of an accident or trouble at sea, or if you see it, please call the front desk as soon as possible (phone number: 0466-25-2211).

Live camera & weather information

About the use of the boat storage facility

1. Renewal (procedure)
① If you wish to continue using the mooring facilities or land-based facilities after the approval period has expired, please complete the prescribed procedures between 45 days and 15 days before the expiration date of the approval period.
② Please note that if you do not complete the procedure and the usage approval period expires, we may not be able to approve the use of the facility in the future.

2. Boat changes
① There are certain conditions for boat changes (swapping).
② The size of the boat to be changed shall be within the range of the standards of the approved facility.
③ When changing boats, procedures such as prior notification and approval are required.

3. Change of user name, etc.
① There are certain conditions for changing the name holder and joint users.
(XNUMX) When changing the name holder and joint users, it is necessary to complete application procedures in advance.

4. Notification of changes to approved matters
If there are any changes in your address, name, contact information, or other matters approved for use during the period of use, please notify us immediately.

5. Notification of discontinuation of use
When abolishing the use of the boat storage facility, it is necessary to submit a facility use abolition notification in advance.

6. Display of boat storage facility usage approval sticker
(a) After approval for use, be sure to attach the issued sticker to the stern surface (transom) of the boat and display it. Please attach the "name tag for the boat berth" in an easily visible position on the berth.
b. Please notify us if this sticker or deck tag is peeled off or damaged during the period of use.
C Boats without this sticker are considered unauthorized use.

7. Mooring and Landing Locations
Approved boats must be properly moored or parked at designated locations.
It cannot be moored or placed on land other than the designated place.

8. Departure and Return Procedures
Departure and return declarations are the most important procedures for safety management.Please be sure to do so at the departure control system or at the front desk.Even if you come to the port for maintenance, etc., please notify the front desk.

9. Crane use
When using a crane, please follow the prescribed procedures at the front desk.
It is dangerous to operate the crane, so please follow the instructions of the staff.

10. Temporary unloading and reloading of boats
If you want to temporarily move the boat out of the facility during the period of use, please submit a "temporary move-out notification" to the front desk.In addition, please apply to the front desk and receive confirmation from the staff when bringing in.Also, if you plan to move in/out after hours, please also submit a notice of entry into the facility after hours.

11. Holding competitions
If you plan to hold a race, etc., regardless of the scale, as soon as the outline is fixed, please submit a "Notification of Holding a Competition, etc." as soon as possible and have a preliminary meeting with the designated manager.

Request for cooperation in user survey

Thank you for your cooperation in completing the survey.It will take approximately 5 minutes to respond.We look forward to hearing your valuable opinions.

Answer the survey




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Normal period (September to June) 9:6 to 8:30
Summer season (July-August) 7:8-8:00

[Regular holiday]
open every day of the year