Norwegian Award

Yuzu Komiyama (5th grade)
"Help!" (Four-frame manga)

Now that the sea animals are suffering from plastic, I wanted to convey their feelings.

[Kanagawa Governor's Award]

Sotaro Niki (4th grade)
"A world that shouldn't exist" (four-frame cartoon)

Plastic waste around the world is burned or reused, but some of it turns into microplastics and flows into the ocean.We should know that they are threatening the life and lives of the people who created and used them in the end.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
I am very happy to receive such an award.
I thought that the sea creatures that ate the microplastic that flowed into the sea and the humans who ate it were dangerous.I want to create a future where the creatures of the world can live more happily.

[Toshima City Mayor's Award]

Tomoyo Grandfather (1st year of junior high school)
"Even a girl" (4 frame cartoon)

Don't assume it's pink because it's a girl and blue because it's a boy.Even girls like blue and they like soccer.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
I was very happy because I never thought I would be selected for such a great prize.I want many people to think about the SDGs through my manga.
At our school, there is a presentation called SDGs Day once a year, so I would like to think about improvement measures for the entire school.

[Mayo of Zushi Award]

Rei Nagaoka (5th grade)
"The earth has become hot" (four-frame cartoon)

I wrote about how global warming is gradually progressing, and I wrote that I will continue to ask about the future.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
I was happy to receive the award.Also, after seeing other people's wonderful works, I wanted to work on works other than manga.
In the future, I would like to do what I can do in my daily life, such as using things carefully.

[Kamakura Mayor's Award]

Tsukasa Tsurumi (5th grade)
"Poiste 100 times return" (4 frame cartoon)

The person who was taking a walk threw away the litter, and the person who was watching it swam to pick it up, and was furious at the person who threw it away and returned it 100 times.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
I was very happy because I didn't expect my work to win the award.I was even more happy because her family and friends were happy.
I want to reduce the amount of marine debris and regain a more beautiful sea.And I want to swim and play in the beautiful sea.

[Mayo of Hayama Award]

Kazuha Komiya (1st year of junior high school)
"What we can do" (four-frame cartoon)

I think marine plastics are now a global problem.What we can do is small, but I think that the step someone takes will be the step that moves the world.

[Masaki Ando Award]

Mai Sato (4th grade)
"Let's change the future!" (Four-frame manga)

If nature becomes dirty as it is, children will grow up without knowing the beautiful nature in the future, so I thought that it would not be possible to protect nature with SDGs and connect it to the future.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
I learned a lot about SDGs at school and did beach clean, so I made a work with that as a hint.I am happy to receive such a wonderful award.I learned of the award on the day of the closing ceremony, and on the last day of my fourth year, I received a big surprise and was delighted with my family.
Since the sea of ​​Shonan is near, I would like to participate in beach clean and protect it as a resident.

[Calpis Award]

Yuri Kamiya (2nd grade)
"Kurukuru! Recycle" (4 frame cartoon)

When I put out the book I finished reading, it turned into toilet paper and went home.My friend's younger brother got on the park and kuru my small car.If you keep doing small things, the beautiful Mirai will surely be Kuru.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
I drafted it many times and did my best to draw it.I'm glad that my work was selected.
In the future, I would like to study not only the environment but also the SDGs more broadly.

[Riviera Award]

Kaishi Horii (1st grade)
"Where does the garbage come from? (Marine debris)" (4 frame cartoon)

As for the garbage in the sea, 3/10 is the garbage discarded in the sea, and 7/10 is the garbage that has been washed away by rainwater from towns and mountains.There are no creatures in the sea.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
This is a manga I wrote over time.I am happy to receive the award.His name is Kaishi, so I want to study oceanography and protect the creatures of the sea!

[Judge's Special Award]

Nana Kusumoto / Chiharu (1st grade of junior high school / 4th grade of elementary school)
"SDGs Karuta" (study learning)

My sister wrote "a"-"to", and I wrote "na"-"n".The numbers on the reading pad are the target numbers for the SDGs.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
Nana (sister)
I made it while thinking that it would be great if everyone could do as much as possible in order to achieve the 17 goals.
I would like to make another picture book that can appeal to everyone to stop SDGs and global warming.Also, I've been thinking about what I can do in junior high school, for example, I can change the consciousness of everyone in the school by drawing posters for saving water, making and distributing things like expiration date management cards for food that can be used at home. I'm thinking that it would be nice.
Chiharu (sister)
I was happy to win the award because the two of us worked hard to make it.
In order to eliminate food loss, I hope that I will continue to do what I can, "eat without leaving school lunch," and eliminate food loss.

[Judge's Special Award]

Ms. Takaki Matsushima (2nd year of junior high school)
"Life" (painting)

Creatures are alive even in the sea polluted by humans, and they are beautifully burning "life".Only humans can protect the future of such creatures.I put the message.

[Judge's Special Award]

Nene Suzuki (6th grade)
"Dear Humans" (story manga)

A warning bell that the natural world rings to the human world.From the world where humans can live, to the earth that coexists with nature and leaves no living things in the world.I tried to express such thoughts.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
Thank you very much for choosing your work on such an opportunity.I hope you will know what is happening on the earth through this manga.
I am currently thinking about concrete actions to create a sustainable society.Through this application, it was a great opportunity for my family to think about the SDGs.

[Judge's Special Award]

Haruna Amano
"Aiming for human power generation" (4 frame cartoon)

We will prepare equipment to store the energy brought by people who go to the sports gym to improve their health as electricity.If that becomes possible, the idea is that the electricity can be used for the lives of the people in the town.

◆ Impressions of the award ・ What I want to work on in the future ◆
I was surprised to receive such a result.All around me are children, and I am sorry that I and others have received what the younger generation should receive.From the illustrations and reports on display, I learned that many younger generations are seriously thinking about the environment, and it is very encouraging, and the older ones make the environment worse than they are now. I felt that I had to move to refrain from activities as much as possible.
I used a sports gym as an example in what I wrote in the manga. For me, if the equipment to store electricity is available, not only the sports gym but also people such as public facilities, supermarkets, and convenience stores in the town. If you put a bicycle that can generate electricity in a place where many people gather, and if you have a facility that allows people who want to exercise or have free time to drop in and ride a bicycle for a few minutes and convert it to electricity, people's physical condition will improve and yet I think it will be possible to create a situation where two birds with one stone can also generate electricity.

[Other award-winning works]


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