Company Overview

Company name

Riviera Management Service Co., Ltd.

Key officer

Representative Director and Chairman Noboru Watanabe
Akio Kobayashi, President
Deputy Chairman Fujiro Watanabe
Hirohito Watanabe, Executive Vice President
Senior Managing Director Takayuki Matsuura
Managing Director Haruo Takeuchi
Auditor Toshiko Watanabe


1996 November 18th


5,000 million yen

Head Office location

Riviera Minami-Aoyama Building, 3-3-3 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Japan


Building Management Division
Rokubancho Building 7F, 6-4 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085 Japan
Phone 03-3222-6701

Technical Service Center
Rokubancho Building 6F, 6-4 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0085 Japan
Phone 03-3222-6701

Our Business

  1. Cleaning inside and outside the building and environmental hygiene management

  2. Maintenance of building equipment

  3. Security guard

  4. Design and construction of electrical work and firefighting facility construction Construction work, plastering work, masonry work, pipe work, steel structure work, sheet metal work Painting work, interior finishing work, joinery work, carpentry work, jumping and carpentry work Roof work, tile・ Brick / Block construction, Rebar construction, Glass construction Waterproof construction, Heat insulation construction

  5. Specific worker dispatch business

General construction industry

Governor of Tokyo (General-26) No. 133477

Specific construction industry

Governor of Tokyo (Special-26) No. 133477

Specific worker dispatch business

Special 13-303829

Security business

Tokyo Public Safety Certification No. 30003193

Building cleaning business

Tokyo 18 Kiyoshi 771

Building drinking water tank cleaning business

Tokyo 18th storage No. 1855

Building air environment measurement business

Tokyo 18th Sky No. 376

Registered electrical contractor

Tokyo Governor Notification No. 218258

Member organization

Japan Building Maintenance Association
Tokyo Building Maintenance Association
Tokyo Metropolitan Security Association

Registered electrical contractor

Tokyo Governor Notification No. 218258

List of main business results

House of Councilors: Annex of the House of Councilors, Tokyo: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. XNUMX Building, Minato Ward: Family Support Center for Children, Chuo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited: Rokubancho Building, Shinsei Trust Bank, Ltd .: Riviera Minami-Aoyama Building / Shinjuku Remina Building, School Corporation Megumi Izumi Jogakuen: Keisen Jogakuen Junior High School / Keisen Jogakuen Women's High School, Chuo Building Management Co., Ltd .: Shibusawa Ogikubo Building, Chuo Building Techno Co., Ltd .: Estmail Higashioi, Tokyu Stay Service Co., Ltd .: Tokyu Stay Ikebukuro, Tokyu Facility Service Co., Ltd .: Conrad Tokyo, Nomura Building Management Co., Ltd .: CR Kamiyacho Building, Heiwa Service Co., Ltd .: Toyo Dai-ni Building, Suitengu Heiwa Building, Nippon Phoneevision Work XNUMX: Nippon Phoneevision Tower, Nippon Phoneevision Kojimachi Building, Suzuki Motor Sales Tokyo Co., Ltd .: Suzuki Motor Sales Tokyo Sales Office Buildings, SCSK Corporation: SCSK Head Office Building SCSK Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Biso Kogyo Co., Ltd.): netXDC Chiba Center, Japan Expert System Co., Ltd .: Umein-in, Sublease Co., Ltd .: SPK Building, Tokyo Tourism Corporation: Ginza Ono Building, Kibun Daiichi Building, SECOM shares Company: SECOM Head Office Building, Fuji Store Co., Ltd .: Shinjuku New Fuji Building, Nicky Corporation: Nicky Corporation Tokyo Head Office Building, Japan Sangyo Corporation: Nippon Sangyo Building, Ueno Sangyo Co., Ltd .: UBG Higashi Ikebukuro Building, Hara Kosan Life Co., Ltd. Services: Welfare Stay Nishio Hisashi, Kyodo Kita Church: Kyodo Kita Church, Mori Trust Co., Ltd .: Sun Heights Harajuku, Rokubancho Apartment Management Association: Rokubancho Mansion, Riviera Co., Ltd .: Riviera Tokyo Head Office, Riviera Sports Japan Co., Ltd. : Riviera Sports Club, Riviera Resort Inc .: Zu Marina, Riviera Resort Co., Ltd .: Seabornia Marina (oil pot), Individual: Ando Building, Motorboat Yokohama Co., Ltd .: Boat Pier Yokohama, Nippon Building Management Co., Ltd .: Spline Aoyama Tokyu Building, Yokohama Chinese Academy: Yokohama Chinese Academy, ORIX Facilities Co., Ltd .: ORIX Minami-Aoyama Building

Customer list

Sumitomo Osaka Cement Co., Ltd., Chuo Real Estate Co., Ltd., Accordia Golf Co., Ltd., Heiwa Service Co., Ltd., Chuo Building Techno Co., Ltd., Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd., Yoshihisa Sanso, Tokyu Land Corporation, Toa Building Tech Co., Ltd., Kamiooka Urban Development Co., Ltd., NBC Co., Ltd., Office Design Works Co., Ltd., Okamura Printing Co., Ltd., Taipei Japan Economic and Cultural Representative Office, Aoki Holdings Co., Ltd.




Riviera Management Service Co., Ltd. established


Operation details

Equipment management

In order to create a comfortable facility environment and protect asset value, we perform preventive maintenance and repair and repair of electricity, plumbing, air conditioning, firefighting equipment, etc. We will also actively work on energy conservation research and use the results in equipment management operations.


Educated and trained security guards make accurate decisions and respond promptly to keep customers safe. We respond to various customer needs, such as parking lot management, reception management, disaster prevention management, including facility security duties.


In addition to performing the most effective cleaning according to the purpose of the building, the location to be cleaned, and the material, it provides a sanitary environment with a motto of "preventive cleaning" that takes action before it gets dirty. In addition, a technical service center has been established to provide advanced expertise and technology to the field. I aim to be a cleaning specialist.