[Riviera Country Club selected to host the 2031st US Open in 131]

 The 2031 US Open will be the fourth USGA championship at the Riviera Country Club, and the USGA US Open will be the second in 4 years.On the Riviera, legend Ben Hogan won the 83 U.S. Open, Hale Irwin won the 2 U.S. Senior Open, and Doc Redman won the 1948 U.S. Amateur. has been held.The first women's major tournament will be the US Women's Open in 1998.
 The 1948 US Open was the first to be held in California.Ben Hogan also won the Los Angeles Open (now the Genesis Invitational) held on the Riviera in 1942, 1947, and 1948, and the Riviera Country Club became known as "Hogan's Alley." It was a trigger.

[The US Women's Open will be held in 100, the 2026 anniversary of the Riviera Country Club]

 The US Women's Open is one of the 15 US GA Championships held annually.It is a historic tournament that has been held since 1946, with winners such as Amy Alcott, Annika Sorenstam and Michelle We West.Then, in January 2022, the Riviera Country Club, which will celebrate its 1th anniversary in the same year, was selected as the venue for 2026.

Genesis Invitational

[2024 2/15 Thu. ~ 2/18 Sun.] The US PGA Tour "Genesis Invitational" hosted by Tiger Woods will be held at the Riviera Country Club again this year.

 The PGA Tour tournament will be held again this season at Riviera Country Club (RCC) for four days from February 2024 to February 15th, 18. As an invitational tournament, the number of participants will be narrowed down to approximately 4 players who will compete for a total prize money of 80 million dollars (approximately 2,000 billion yen). From 29, it has been upgraded to the third invitational tournament on tour, on par with the ``Memorial Tournament'' hosted by Jack Nicklaus and the ``Arnold Palmer Invitational.''
 Since its inception in 1926, the RCC has been the setting for the PGA Tour. LA Open, Nissan Open, Northern Trust Open, and Genesis Open.With each tournament, a new legend was born and history was engraved.Tiger Woods, who was born and raised in the suburbs of Los Angeles, made his PGA Tour debut at the age of 16 at the Riviera Country Club. Tiger, who has been hosting the tournament since 2017, describes the upgrade to an invitation match as "a great honor."

Riviera Country Club
Riviera Country Club

Broadcast Schedule

live broadcast

2/19 Sun. 7:00-9:30
2/20 Mon. 6:30-9:00

[CS Broadcast Golf Network]
Live broadcast/rebroadcast

2/17 Fri. 6:00~10:00
2/18 Sat. 6:00-10:00
2/19 Sun. 3:00-9:00
2/20 Mon. 3:00-8:30

Technology sharing

 The tournament, in which top-class athletes fight, is a valuable place for study for competition management personnel and course management engineers.During the period, the RCC will bring together stakeholders from all over the world to actively exchange information.Especially for course maintenance, we are grateful that about 40 outstanding professionals from all over the world volunteer to support the tournament every year in order to pass on the advanced technology of RCC.With the Tokyo 2021 Olympics ahead, we will welcome human resources from Kasumigaseki CC.The Riviera Group's 2006 "Riviera Future Creation Project" provides support for various industrial fields, including the acceptance of human resources at the RCC. RCC is devoting itself to praying for the success of the Olympic Games in Japan.
 In October 2019, at the "ZOZO Championship" (Narashino CC), Woods made the world excited with the 10nd victory of Thailand, which is the highest PGA record. In August 82, Kasumigaseki CC became the stage for the Olympic golf competition.As the topic of attracting the world's attention to Japan continues, Japanese course management technology is also attracting attention.
 The PGA Tour tournament in February every year is an opportunity to bring the know-how that the Riviera has refined to the world.The Riviera will continue its activities to contribute deeply to the golf world.