Company name

Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.

Key officer

Representative Director and Chairman Noboru Watanabe
Akio Kobayashi, President
Hirohito Watanabe, Executive Vice President
Executive Vice President Miki Watanabe
Osamu Takayama, Senior Managing Director
Managing Director Aki Watanabe
Hanako Watanabe, Senior Managing Director
Audit & Supervisory Board Member Fujiko Watanabe


April 3, 1967


5,000 million yen

Head Office location

5-23-16 Kotsubo, Zushi, Kanagawa, 249-0008, Japan


  • Shimoda Boat Service
  • 36-54 Kakizaki, Shimoda City, Shizuoka 415-0013, Japan
    Phone 0558-22-5511 FAX.0558-22-3823

Business activities

Marina operation
Riviera resort club management
Riviera Life Design Club management
Boat & Yacht Sales
Real estate sales brokerage
Boat License
Planting management
House Cleaning
Various reforms





Established as Zushi Tourism Development Co., Ltd. with the aim of cooperating with Kotsubo Bay Public Water Project


Company name changed to Zushi Marina Management Co., Ltd.


■Opening of “Zushi Marina”
・Harbor Open
・Restaurant “Il Pirata” and “Captain’s Cafe” opened
・Bowling alley and garden pool open
・Condominium main building, No. 2 building completed, condominium management business started


Condominiums No. 4 and 5 completed


・Completion of condominium building No. 1 Phoenix Building
・Construction of condominium building No. 3, Washington Building, completed.


・Establishment of members-only resort club “Zushi Marina Owners”
・Completion of condominium building No. 6 Canaries Building
・Completion of condominium No. 7 Cattleya building A, B, and C buildings


Company name changed to Zushi Marina Co., Ltd.


Company name changed to SLP Corporation


Condominium No. 8 completed


Sports salon "Zushi Marina Club" opened


SLP Co., Ltd. and Seabornia Co., Ltd. merge and change trade name to Marine Resort Co., Ltd.


Riviera Co., Ltd. becomes the management body of Marine Resort Co., Ltd.


・Restaurants, banquet halls, and wedding halls have been completed, and the wedding business has begun in earnest.
・Harbour 40t crane completed
・Seaside Riviera pool reopens (open only in summer)


・Change of trade name to Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.
・Completion of banquet hall "Crystal Villa"


Riviera Holdings Co., Ltd. becomes the management body of Riviera Resort Co., Ltd.


Established Riviera Yacht Club, a membership system


Operation of Hayama Port begins after being designated as a designated manager by Kanagawa Prefecture (designated management ends in March 2023)


Enoshima Yacht Harbor/Shonan Port begins operation after being designated as a designated manager by Kanagawa Prefecture.



Established as Pan Pacific Enterprise Co., Ltd. to create a landfill of 2 tsubo in Koajiro Bay


Harbor, sea berth, clubhouse restaurant open


Condominium A building completed


・Seaside pool, maintenance shop open, marina land berth open
・Completion of condominium buildings B and C


Changed trade name to Seabornia Co., Ltd.


Condominium D building completed


Launched “Sinara” passenger irregular route business


Capital participation in Shimoda Boat Service Co., Ltd.


SLP Co., Ltd. and Seabornia Co., Ltd. merge and change trade name to Marine Resort Co., Ltd.


Company name changed to Riviera Resort Inc.


Membership system "Riviera Resort Club (formerly Riviera Marine Club)" established


Operating facilities


Riviera Zushi Marina (Marina)

An excellent location overlooking Mt. Fuji over the open sea, surrounded by the shimmering sea of ​​Shonan. Riviera Zushi Marina is a comprehensive leisure resort for adults who love the sea. We propose a variety of marine life that can be enjoyed by cruiser owners and even those who do not own a ship. A new adventure begins in a blue world away from everyday life, about 60 minutes by car from the city center.

See the Riviera Zushi Marina


Riviera Seabornia Marina (Marina)

There is the luxury of leaving the city a little away from the city and extraordinary. Riviera Seabornia Marina has long been a leading marine resort in Japan. The warmest climate at the southernmost tip of Miura Peninsula, the surrounding forest of Koajiro, deep water and calm waves. Enjoy a variety of marine leisure at one of the most eastern harbors, boasting the best views and natural conditions, and resorts like adult hideaways.

See the Riviera Seabornia Marina


Shimoda Boat Service (Marina)

Shimoda boat service where you can enjoy cruising to beautiful open seas such as Izu Nanami and Ogasawara, as well as trolling for big fish such as marlin. We have a maintenance system that can handle large boats as well as mooring facilities for yachts and boats.

See Shimoda Boat Service


Enoshima Yacht Harbor (Shonan Port)

The Enoshima Yacht Harbor, located on Enoshima, an island connected to the land that protrudes northeast of Sagami Bay from the Shonan coast, was built as the yacht stadium for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.Since then, various yacht races have been held at Enoshima Yacht Harbor, contributing to the spread of yachting activities as a pioneer of public yacht harbors in Japan.

Enoshima Yacht Harbor

Riviera Resort Club

At the prestige membership share club "THE RIVIERA RESORT CLUB", we propose a time full of supreme relaxation as a place to unleash your body and mind from your busy daily life, create a richer life, and hone your creative sensibility. ..Marine life such as cruising is attracting attention as it allows you to spend extraordinary time in the great outdoors.

View Riviera Resort Club

Boat & Yacht Sales

The Riviera Resort boasts a number of sales results as a regular agency for new boats and as a marina with a permanent exhibition of the largest used boat exhibition hall in the Kanto region. With a consistent service system from after-sales service to maintenance, a skilled marine staff will consult with you in person, so customers who purchase a yacht boat for the first time can leave it with confidence.

View Boat & Yacht Sales

Riviera Resort Real Estate

The Riviera Mansion Gallery is not only dealing with real estate, but also wants to propose a fulfilling resort life. In addition to condominium management and maintenance tailored to the customer's lifestyle, we support all aspects of life 24 hours a day so that we can respond immediately in the event of an emergency. We promise the luxury of the beautiful nature and the sea close to the seasons, and a truly rich life.

View Riviera Resort Real Estate

Riviera Life Design Club

Nowadays, which is said to be 100 years of life, the Riviera proposes a place where people can connect with each other, thinking about future life design together with the desire to have a richer second and third life. It is a club to do. We will hold various proposals and events on the four axes of "seminar," "workshop," "event," and "end of life."

View Riviera Life Design Club
Riviera Life Design Club