Information on temporary mooring

Guest berths are available for visitors coming by boat, such as dining at restaurants, attending weddings, and visiting nearby attractions.
Please check availability before using.

Price (per foot)

Day trip

330 yen (tax included) Free service (up to 5,000 hours) for purchases of 4 yen or more at restaurants, etc.

1 泊


If you use more than 5,000 yen at restaurants and cafes, such as restaurants and cafes, the service will be up to 4 hours.

  • Before entering the port, call the harbor front (0467-24-1000) to check availability.

  • Depending on the congestion situation, we may refuse.

Arrival information

There are three red buoys and a green buoy floating on the port entry route. When entering the port, look at the red buoy to the right and enter the port.

①Enter the red buoy off the coast to the right. The right side (hayama area) which enters from this is forbidden because it is shallow. Proceed 40 degrees.

② Look at the second red buoy on the right and go further. Turn 2 degrees and head for the red buoy near the marina.

③ Enter the port looking at the red buoy near the marina to the right. Call Harbourfront around here. We will specify the mooring place. Departure priority.

④Temporary mooring is to be moored at the service berth near this area after entering the port.

場合 If refueling, go further to the refueling berth next to the 40-ton crane.

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