Thank you for using Shonan Port Enoshima Yacht Harbor.
Due to changes to the facility reservation system, the reservation start date for each conference room at the yacht house and each conference room at the sailing center will be changed.

Change start date

2024 April 1st ~ (changed from June 1st reservation)


Previously, reservations started two months in advance at the beginning of the month, but for use from June onwards, reservations will start from the anniversary date two months before the usage date.
(Example) Reservations can be made from April 1st to June 1st
*If there is no corresponding date, reservations can be made on the last day of the month.
Example) Make a reservation for April 30th → Reservation possible from February 28th

Reservation method

Internet reservation, telephone reservation (no change)

*There are no particular changes for reservations accepted up to March 31st.

e-kanagawa facility reservation

Facility reservation

* User registration of the e-KANAGAWA facility reservation system is required in advance to make a reservation from the website.

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[Phoneephone reception]
Normal period (September to June) 9:6 to 8:30
Summer season (July-August) 7:8-8:00

[Regular holiday]
open every day of the year